Sharon Hamric Weis

Kevin O'Brien

Teaches: Speech, Drama, Literature.

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About Kevin O’Brien

Although an atheist at an early age, Kevin O’Brien’s experiences with the dramatic arts began a conversion process that, with the help of the writings of G. K. Chesterton, eventually brought him into the Catholic Church.  

Sharon Hamric Weis

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Testimonials from Students & Parents

"I grasp more fully now than I did before"

Student: “In each class, especially our debates, Mr. O’Brien continuously instructed and reminded us to be knowledgeable and considerate of the view that opposes ours. Arguing is so much more effective and its end goal is more achievable if one understands where the other person is coming from. This is something that I grasp more fully now than I did before I took this class.”

"A GREAT teacher"

Student: “The course was fun, Mr. O’Brien is a GREAT teacher!”

"Taught us all we needed to know about drama"

Student: “Mr. O’Brien was AWESOME!!! He is so funny!!! But he also taught us all we needed to know about drama!!! 

"We love Mr. O'Brien"

Parent: “We love Mr. O’Brien!! Our daughter is really enjoying his class this semester. Thank you so much!”

"[Student] has had a lot of fun"

Parent: ” I remember speech classes being very intimidating for the naturally quieter people in class, but my son has not felt intimidated at all. He really likes the class discussions and has had a lot of fun with the creativity of the writing prompts and assignments.”

"I am blessed to have learned this"

Student: “Looking back on my progress and that of others over the three debates, it is clear that we grew in how we attempt to interact and communicate with others. When I started the class, I would ramble much more than I do know, and use filler words that would merely distract people away from the message I was trying to give. Now that we are at the end of the course, I am incredibly less uncomfortable in my public speaking, even if it is online or through a webcam.

In a more complete way, I realize the importance of speaking and writing with confidence, maturity, and wisdom. And not only did I learn this through my own practice of debating and arguing that I worked on in class and through the homework, but also through the example of Mr. O’Brien himself.

He always got the point across, seamlessly going from serious to humorous and back again. Communicating effectively involves confidence, interaction, and being engaging, and I am blessed to have learned this and the importance of it in this class from not only my own efforts but through the teacher’s example.”

"It was incredibly enjoyable"

Student“Debate and Argumentation was difficult at times. Whether when I was nervous before my first debate, or struggling through homework, it wasn’t always easy.

However, looking back now I would say it was incredibly enjoyable, and any moments of difficulty simply helped to push myself in my studies which is necessary for anyone who is serious in pursuing the Truth. “

"An exceptionally good teacher and holy man"

Parent: “Kevin O’Brien was definitely [my daughter’s] favorite and most trusted teacher who brought out the best in [my daughter]…and gave her a boost of confidence in her talents and ability to learn…for that I’m forever grateful! What an exceptionally good teacher and holy man he is…truly a fine example of a Catholic-infused artist and teacher, for my daughter who is so interested in the arts, to follow! He, and all the other teachers, are so professional, caring, knowledgeable, and interesting as well…also, very respectful of [my daughter] and her classmates from all I could tell. We will forever sing Homeschool Connection’s praises and recommend your curriculum to anyone we know…actually already have several times!”

"Made the class very fun by dressing in costume!"

Parent: “The teacher, Kevin O’Brien was great!!! A very special thanks to Mr. O’Brien. I hope that he will continue to teach this class so that all rest of my 7 kids may benefit from him. My son thoroughly enjoyed his class.  I really like his focus on the philosopher, Socrates as a great philosopher and orator. He made the class very fun by dressing in costume!! What a GREAT teacher!!”

"I like reading more now"

Student: “Before taking this class, I didn’t like reading, but I like reading more now because of the book assignments in this class. … I didn’t know there were deeper meanings in some books until this homework.”

"Learned SO much"

Student: “I have learned SO much this semester! It was a great experience.”

"This class made me love it even more"

Student: “I’ve always liked literature, but this class made me love it even more.”

"Gave me a great understanding of the subject"

Student: “Preparing for the debates was a lot of fun, as was seeing and hearing our classmates’ arguments. I really liked having to prepare both sides of our last argument and not knowing which we would do in class. Kevin O’Brien was an awesome teacher and gave me a great understanding of the subject. I would definitely recommend this class.”

"An outstanding teacher"

Parent: “I cannot tell you what a difference your class has made this semester for [my daughter]. She came downstairs the other day and said, ‘I’m so sad that Mr. O’Brien’s class is over.’  This semester I watched some of your classes with [my daughter] because she’d say, ‘Mom, you’re going to love this!  Pull up a chair!’ You are an outstanding teacher … We are so grateful for your impact on my daughter’s life,”

"Teacher makes the material interesting and fun"

Parent“The kids are very engaged, the teacher makes the material interesting and fun, and the kids get to try out their skills during class. The plays chosen are giving a deep and thorough survey of the history of drama even though the kids may not realize that.”

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