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Kris Correira, PA-C, MHP

Teaches: Science

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About Kris Corriera, P-AC, MHP, DSc

Dr. Correira is a physician assistant and educator. She works in family practice and emergency medicine. She has taught for over 20 years, both in the classroom and online, for middle school through college-level students. Dr. Correira enjoys engaging students in active learning. She likes taking different approaches to standard material. Dr. Correira is a Doctor of Science in Physician Assistant Studies in Educational Leadership. She is certified by the National Catholic Bioethics Center in Healthcare Bioethics. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Computer Science from Wellesley College and a Master of Health Professions from Northeastern University. Dr. Correira homeschooled her three sons. She is in formation as a secular discalced Carmelite (OCDS).

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Testimonials from Students & Parents

"I have recommended this to many friends."

Student: “I liked [Middle School Biology] a lot!! I have recommended this to many friends. Thank you Homeschool Connections for putting this together!!”

"Its challenging my son!"

Parent: “[Middle School Cell Biology] is challenging my son! I like the labs! The added video content that help visualize difficult concepts! Like the ebook! Apple can read it to my dyslexic son!”

"She has inspired our daughter to take a passionate interest in science"

Parent: “Our daughter’s future has really started to come into focus because of Anatomy instructor, Kris Correira. She is a superb teacher who clearly loves teens and appreciates their sense of humor. We are so grateful for the way she has inspired our daughter to take a passionate interest in science. We want to thank Mrs. Correira for challenging her with great material and teaching her with such grace. Because she has brought the complex subject of Anatomy to life, [my daughter] is now enthusiastically considering a career in medicine.”

"Mrs. Corriera is a fun, laughing teacher."

Student: “I loved everything about this course. Mrs. Corriera is a fun, laughing teacher. I had her the semester before and so I was very glad that I was able to take another class with her. I (for example) have never liked spiders. I actually freaked out whenever I saw them. Taking this course, I am now okay to live with them because they help the ecosystem so much.”

"The course kept me engaged"

Student: “This was my first time doing any live classes with Homeschool Connections and I loved it! 🙂 [Mrs. Correira] and the students were all very friendly and helpful, and the course kept me engaged through the whole semester. I hope that you guys are still here in the future so that if I get married and God blesses me with children, they can use this! 😀 Thank you! God bless!”

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