Victoria Pulliam

Victoria Pulliam

Teaches: Music

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About Victoria Pulliam

Victoria Pulliam spent two years pursuing religious life in her late teens, during which time she received a wealth of instruction on the music of the Catholic Church. Discovering a different call, she left the novitiate and found herself receiving yet more musical training as a main member of a small but proficient choir, where she learned more about the Gregorian liturgy and deepened her love for it.

After a short time as director herself to a small young adult choir, she married and moved to Colorado, where she taught a semester of chant at the parish school and now sings in a choir directed by her husband. Mrs. Pulliam has two small children, in whom she is already sowing a love for Gregorian chant by dragging them to numerous choir practices and playing carefully-selected recordings for them at home. Her two-year-old recently began singing Alleluias and she couldn’t be more proud.

When she is not engaged in music-related activities or wrangling toddlers, she can be found monitoring for Homeschool Connections or honing her cooking skills.


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