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Monica Ashour, MTS, MHUM

Teaches: Theology

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About Monica Ashour

Monica Ashour has more than 20 years of experience in the classroom plus experience working at St. Mary’s Catholic Church at Texas A&M University as a Campus Minister. Miss Ashour has Master Degrees in Humanities and Theological Studies from the University of Dallas. 


About Monica Ashour

She comes to us with a breadth and depth of vision that solidifies and electrifies high school students. Orthodox, passionate, and pedagogically adept, Miss Ashour is committed to reaching out to youth, especially in the Theology of the Body.

Her former students come to her often with gratitude in preparing them for college and beyond. 

Monica Ashour is one of the leading experts in the Theology of the Body and is an author and gifted speaker for the Theology of the Body Evangelization Team, Incorporated (TOBET).

See Courses

  • Church History; Trinitarian Ecclesiology and Sacramental Theology: How Shall I Glorify God? 
  • The Theology of the Body: An Integral Vision of Man 
  • Moral Theology: How Shall I Live? 
  • Christian Anthropology: Who Am I? 
  • Going off to College: Keeping your Faith and Vocation 
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Testimonials from Students & Parents

"I leave forever impacted"

Student: “THANK YOU for a wonderful semester in your class, Ecclesiology and Sacramental Theology from Theology of the Body perspective. It was an amazing, wonderful, and very fruitful experience!! The Holy Spirit truly works through you in a powerful, powerful way. I leave forever impacted – thank you!”

"Mrs. Ashour encouraged us to speak up if we had a question"

Student: “I really liked how Mrs. Ashour encouraged us to speak up if we had a question or wanted to discuss something/go deeper. The homework was difficult, but in the end it really helped me to understand the material and let it sink in.”

"Makes theology interesting and fun!"

Student: “Awesome class! I totally recommend taking this course and any other course Monica Ashour offers! The reading assignments were amazing! – really helped me dive deeper into the topics! Miss Ashour makes theology interesting and fun!”

"Just what they needed"

Parent: “I can’t say enough about how much my daughters have enjoyed Miss Ashour’s classes! Thank you for making it happen. They are just what they needed and I would hope for them.”

"So passionate about what she teaches and has so much insight"

Parent: “Miss Ashour is so passionate about what she teaches and has so much insight. She helped me to see all the things that I normally wouldn’t have noticed in the Sacraments and the Church. I feel so intelligent after taking her class!”

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