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Natalie Meyer Schira

Teaches: Writing

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About Natalie Meyer Schira

Natalie Meyer Schira proudly serves as a teacher of middle school English and writing. She graduated from Saint Mary’s College Notre Dame in 2012 with a major in English Literature and a minor in secondary education. Since then, Miss Schira has dedicated herself to Catholic education, joyfully serving nine years teaching English in a Catholic high school in Iowa.

Miss Schira has also been featured in publications and with awards and recognition for teaching and inspiration. With a love of language and teaching, she is committed to cultivating students’ academic and emotional development and using her teaching credentials to collaborate with and support families and students.

Miss Schira’s greatest loves include Christ, commas, communication, caffeine, and her beloved Chicago Cubs while living a life grounded in faith, joy, and opportunity. To quote one of her favorite pieces of wisdom from her mother, “When life gives you hold music, dance.”


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