Sharon Hamric Weis

Jean Rioux, PhD

Teaches: Philosophy

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Specializing in the thought of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas, he has published textbooks in logic and natural philosophy and articles in the philosophy of mathematics and other topics. He and Benedictine’s chair of theology regularly offer cotaught great books classes in philosophy and theology.

Dr. Rioux and his wife, Maria, raise their children in a renovated farmhouse in rural Kansas. They have been designing their own curricula and educating their children at home for over 30 years.

Sharon Hamric Weis

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Testimonials from Students & Parents

"A great teacher"

Student: “Dr. Rioux is a great teacher.”

"A great opportunity for me as I prepare for college"

Student“Thank you so much for offering this course it was a great opportunity for me as I prepare for college this fall.”

"I even looked forward to doing the homework"

Student: “Dr. Rioux presented the subject matter with great intensity and joy. These qualities were contagious and I even looked forward to doing the homework”

"My daughter fell in love with philosophy"

Parent: “My daughter fell in love with philosophy after taking Dr. Rioux’s courses. She went on to double major in mathematics AND philosophy when she went to college. Thank you!”

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