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Jean Hoeft, MA

Teaches: Math

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About Jane Hoeft

 Jean Hoeft holds a BA from the University of Michigan in Mathematics Education and an MA from Marygrove University in Instruction & Curriculum.

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Testimonials from Students & Parents 

"I absolutely love this course"

Student: “I absolutely love this course, and you’re an amazing teacher. Personal Finance is my favorite course this semester. I had no idea that finance was so important, and that it would be so interesting.” 

"She would stay after class was over to explain"

Student“I think Mrs. Hoeft is incredible! If any of the students were still confused on a concept, she would stay after class was over to explain it them. I thought that extremely helpful. She was also very open to her students e-mailing her for additional advice. “

"Now I don't think math is so horrible!"

Student: “It has been a great lesson and I just love it!!! [Mrs. Hoeft] has been such a help. Now I don’t think math is so horrible!!! I thank you. :)”

"The teacher helped me with topics"

Student: “I enjoyed the course, I also liked how the teacher helped me with topics I couldn’t fully understand.”

"Imagine my surprise"

Parent: “My daughter was not exactly enthusiastic about math in the past. So, imagine my surprise when she told me that Geometry is her favorite subject this year. Music to my ears — Thank you Mrs. Hoeft!!!”

"Very patient and was willing to go over the concepts"

Student: “Mrs. Hoeft is a wonderful teacher. I hate math very much. She was very patient and was willing to go over the concepts with me more than once. If I could give Mrs. Hoeft 5 stars I would. “

"You helped me understand"

Student“THANK YOU MRS. HOEFT!! You helped me understand this subject quite well!!”

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