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Daniel Egan, BS

Teaches: Religion, Geography, & Biblical Greek

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About Daniel Egan

Daniel (Dan) Egan received his BS in Geography from Northern Kentucky University, but his true love has been teaching Biblical Greek in Cincinnati since 2001 to high school and grade school children. He occasionally can be heard on EWTN’s Sunrise Morning Show on their Bible Tidbit segment. Dan loves to study the Bible and to evangelize. He is happily married to Arica Egan and they have 5 children so far. He has been a student of Gary Michuta’s since 2003.

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Testimonials from Students & Parents

"You're the boss Mr. Egan!"

Student: “You’re the boss Mr. Egan! I would donate  $1000000.00 to Homeschool Connections if I was that rich.”

"Does not dumb down his lecture"

Parent: “My daughter finds [Understanding the Story of the Bible] very interesting. I think she likes it very much that [Mr. Egan] does not dumb down his lecture but instead speaks to the students at an appropriate level. She is learning a lot and looks forward to attending the live class each week.”

"The class wasn't boring or dry"

Student: ““I did appreciate the intriguing way the class was taught. The class wasn’t boring or dry, as some people might assume the subject might be, but it really did help me get a firmer grasp on what actually happened in the Bible. “

"Dan Egan taught an amazing class"

Parent: “We love HSC too. I know many of you are talking about doing it for high school. But if you have unlimited access and younger children, Dan Egan taught an amazing class on an overview of the Bible (it’s not your typical “just go over the Bible stories” class – I can’t recommend it enough). It’s great for upper elementary, middle school & even high school students who may not have covered the topic.”

"Helped me a lot"

Student: ““Mr. Egan’s teaching has helped me a lot in learning Greek. It really neat that I can now read Greek!”

"A wonderful teacher"

Student: “Mr Egan is a wonderful teacher and that I look forward to the next semester!! “

"Blown away and was almost in tears"

Parent“My daughter just started taking Middle School Geography with Daniel Egan. I was hesitant, hoping it would not bore her.  Mr. Egan really made geography FUN!  Within the first few minutes of the first class, he connected geography to the Christian value of “loving your neighbor”. I was blown away and was almost in tears.”

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