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Is Homeschool Connections Catholic?

Yes. All of the teaching here at Homeschool Connections is loyal to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Who can take courses here?

While all of our teaching is loyal to the Catholic Church, all students of all walks and faiths across the world are welcome. Courses are designed for students from third grade to 12th grade, and students taking the LIVE courses are in within the 3rd through 12th grade levels.

Are there live, interactive courses?

Yes! Join in any of the almost-200 LIVE courses that are offered in all subject areas—and you can sign up to join LIVE courses in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. LIVE Courses that are led by expert instructors start and end on specific dates. See all the details about LIVE courses.

Are there recorded, self-paced learning courses?

Yes! Get access to 650+ recorded courses in all subject areas, available 24/7 with “Unlimited Access”—and learn from anywhere in the world (with an Internet connection). You can sign up for an account and have access to our course database by the next business day. Choose any course and learn at your own pace with expert instructor recordings, readings, activities, assignments, and more. Get more details about Unlimited Access courses.

How Live Courses Work

Get answers to your most important questions on 200+ LIVE courses.

How Unlimited Access Works

Get answers on 24/7 access to 450+ courses in all subject areas.

How the Grade School Program Works

Get answers to how the Grade School Program works and how to get in.

How the AWA Writing Program Works

Get answers to how Aquinas Writing Advantage works—including how it’s different and why it works.

How to get into your courses

How do I get to my courses?

Whether for a LIVE or Unlimited Access course, after signing up, you’ll receive an email with login credentials (username and password) and how to access the course. Our processing time to create your account is usually one business day.
If you’ve signed up but haven’t received your email yet, please check your “spam folder.” If the information still can’t be found, contact us – we’re happy to help.

What is Moodle?

All courses are housed in a Learning Management System (LMS) online called “Moodle.” Moodle is somewhat similar to a website in that it’s has many “pages,” and each course has its own location or “page.” There, you’ll find everything you need for your course in one place.

In Moodle, you’ll find general information about the course (including what’s covered each week) and specific course details, including a recording of the class, activities, readings, assignments, quizzes, grades, and more. You can also communicate with your teacher in Moodle.

What is Zoom?

All LIVE students engage in real-time classes within the online meeting room (classroom) called “Zoom.”

To get into the classroom, your student receives a special link only for the class. When your student clicks on the link (at class time), he or she “enters into the room.” In the room, your student will find the teacher, a second adult called the “Monitor,” and other students/classmates.

To participate in a class, you’ll need to download Zoom onto your computer.

What if I have difficulty accessing my course?

Remember that our account processing team works tirelessly from Monday to Friday, so perhaps your account is on its way!

However, if you’ve checked your email spam folder and an email with instructions isn’t there, please contact us. We’re happy to help!

Grading Portal

What is the Grading Portal?

The Portal is an online site where you can access LIVE and recorded student information records, track your student’s progress, and create and print a record of your students grades.

What is inside the Grading Portal?

Inside the Portal, you’ll find specific sections to visit and use, to make life easier!

See at a glance how far a student has progressed in a course with a quick-glance progress bar.

Course Details & Grades
Keep track of your student’s specific course performance with a listing of each course’s records, activities, and details for assignments and earned grades.

Make and print a copy of your student’s courses taken.

Is a student transcript available inside the Portal?

No but you can print an entire list of grades for each assignment and you can print all the grades for each course. If you need Homeschool Connections to create a transcript, click here.

Can my student(s) get into the Grading Portal, too?

Unless you give the student access to your email or give the student your password, he or she cannot get into the Grading Portal.

More Course Questions

Are Homeschool Connections courses accredited?

We are a curriculum provider and not a school. To review our entire policy on accreditation, please click here: Do Homeschool Programs Need to Be Accredited. If you are in one of the rare instances where accreditation is necessary, we recommend enrolling in an accredited umbrella school or home-study program such as Kolbe Academy that will approve our courses and include them on your students’ transcript.

Once I’ve signed up, how long is the course available? (Do courses disappear after a time?)

LIVE courses are available for six months following the completion of the course. Recorded courses are available while your Unlimited Access or Single Access subscription account remains active.

Does Unlimited Access mean we can take as many recorded courses, as we’d like to take?

Yes! With Unlimited Access, you can see and engage with almost 500 full courses in all subject areas—with as many students in your family as you’d like.

Does Unlimited Access mean that all my kids can get access for one price?

Yes! All students in your family have access to all courses.

Can I get access to a single course only?

Yes! You can sign up for one course at a time. The cost for one course is $17.97 per month. Stay involved with that one course for as long as you wish. When the course is finished, if you want your Single Access to be moved to another (different) course,

contact us to move the access to the new course.

Do you offer a discount to HLSDA.org?

Yes, if you are registered with Homeschool Connections you are eligible for an annual membership with HSLDA.org. Please contact us at [email protected]

NOTE: This is a $15 discount for HSLDA Annual membership. 

Technical questions & answers

What do you recommend for a headset?

There are many great headsets with a microphone for online learning, and Logitech brands that have a microphone usually work very well for any online course. Some headsets are simple and others have noise cancelling capabilities (for students in large families with potentially more background noise!). Simply choose the headset in your family’s price range that meets your student’s needs.

What do you recommend for a web camera?

Many computers already have embedded cameras for online learning that work well. If you want to have an external camera (with a USB connection), again, Logitech is usually a good brand of choice.

What do you recommend for a good Internet speed connection?

Go to Speedtest.net to determine the current speed of your Internet connection. A good minimum connection speed is 5 megabytes per second (MBPS) on the upload and 5 MBPS on the download.

At the website, follow the prompts to test your system. You’ll get results in a matter of minutes, for your connection speed.
If your connection is below the recommended numbers, because of the need to stream video, your experience with online classes may be less than ideal. If your connection is low, we recommend using your phone’s cellular connection. You may also find another place to attend class (such as a local library or coffee shop).

If you’ve signed up for a course, tried alternate ways of streaming, and still have difficulties streaming the course, you may receive a refund. Simply contact us.  We’re happy to help continue to troubleshoot or to give your family a refund.

Can two students attend the same class from one computer?

Yes! Two students can attend a single course on the same computer by using a device splitter (“headphone splitter”): a small device that plugs into your USB port and gives additional headphone jacks so that more than one student can listen in.
Any number of students in your family can watch the course “over the shoulder”; however, to receive grading, feedback, and the ability to participate in the chat or on the microphone, each student in a family must register for the course.

Prices, Discounts, & Refunds

How much do courses cost?

Live Courses
You’ll find many different types of courses here—from short courses (4 weeks) and “bootcamps” (one week) to full-semester courses (15 -16 weeks). Because of the wide range of course content, courses have a wide variety of prices. Prices are set based on the number of weeks, amount of work, difficulty of grading for the instructor, and depth and amount of content within the course. Please see the LIVE Catalog to check individual LIVE course prices.

Generally, LIVE courses cost $200 on average.

Unlimited Access
Your Unlimited Access account includes access to all recorded courses. Remember that your account is set up by our team, so allow for processing time.

One Unlimited Access account is $34.97/month. You can also create two (2) students’ accounts for $44.97/month and three (3) or more students’ accounts for $54.97/month. To pay yearly and save, go here.

Single Access
You can sign up for one course at a time and pay only $17.97/month.

What if I need to cancel a course?

Circumstances for canceling
Sometimes after signing up, we might find out that our technology isn’t working well enough to continue, there’s a schedule conflict, or the course is too advanced—or not advanced enough. For these reasons, families can un-enroll in a course.

Do I get a refund?
Partial refunds are given up to the first day of the third session of class. To obtain a refund, written notification is required. Please see our refund policy below to determine what percentage for which you are eligible.

What’s your refund policy?

Based on when a student is un-enrolled, refund amounts vary:

  • Ninety-five percent (95%) of the course fee is refunded for cancellations that are made up to one month before the first day of class.
  • Eighty-five percent (85%) of the course fee is refunded for cancellations up to two weeks before the first class.
  • Seventy-five percent (75%) of the course fee is refunded for cancellations between two weeks before the start date and up to the day before of the third session of class.

If the first day of a course (that meets once a week) is September 20…

  • The last day a family is eligible for a 95 percent refund is August 20.
  • The last day a family is eligible for an 85 percent refund is September 6.
  • The first day a family is eligible for a 75 percent refund is September 7, and the last day of eligibility is October 3.

If I wish to transfer to a different time segment of a course or to a different course altogether, can I do that?

Yes, you can do this by sending an email message with the student’s name and the Live Course information to info@homeschoolconnections.com. There is a $20 fee for each course transfer request. For example, if you request to have your student from Course A and Course B to Course C and Course D then the fee would be $40. 

Can I transfer the student (and the payment) to another course?

Yes. Please contact us to make it happen.

Do you offer any coupons or discounts?

We periodically offer coupons and discounts through virtual or in-person conferences; when you attend the conference, you’ll receive the discount. Also, special discounts (such as, “Get 50% off all philosophy courses for the semester!”) are occasionally available.

To receive periodic updates on coupons and discounts, sign up for the email list.

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