Instructor Access

Get one-on-one tutoring help in any and all writing courses

Free up your time so that you can give your child all that he or she needs!

Get One-On-One Instructor Mentoring — It’s Easy!

Want the flexibility and low cost of Unlimited Access? Also want your teen to get specific guidance and feedback from professional instructor? Welcome to our optional grading service!

What does this program cost?

It varies. Each course’s Instructor Access cost is based on the length of course, the length of assignments in the course, and the difficulty of the assignments’ grading. Instructor Access prices can be found in our Recorded Course Catalog. Click here.

Your Unlimited Access monthly subscription cost for access to all 450+ courses at Homeschool Connections stays the same!

Each individual course’s Instructor Access cost is paid “on top of” your monthly subscription. When you begin a course, the click of a button that takes you directly to PayPal or some alternative form of payment, and your Instructor Access begins within 48 hours (or whenever you and the instructor decide together to begin).

How does it work?

  • Join Unlimited Access through Homeschool Connections. You’ll receive login instructions and everything you need to begin right away.
  • Once in the Learning Management System, click on the class you want to take and go directly to the course page with everything you need.
  • On the page at the top, find the Instructor Access information and button.
  • Click on the button to sign up. You’ll be taken directly to PayPal or some alternative form or payment.
  • Your one-on-one professional Instructor will contact you within 48 hours on email with instructions on how to begin.
  • Follow each week’s complete, easy-to-access course materials from top to bottom — including watching the expert writing instructor on video and completing readings, learning resources, videos, and more.
  • Ask any questions of your Instructor via email, to clarify the learning materials, get more information and ideas, and answer questions on the materials and homework.
  • Send completed weekly homework to the Instructor via email. The Instructor will send your assignment back to you within seven (7) days with specific feedback to help your student. If you have any questions on the feedback, you can email your instructor again for more information, clarification, and ideas.
  • During the week, if your student has a question about how to complete the assignment, he or she can email — the instructor is here for you!

What are the benefits of (and main reasons to get) Instructor Access?

Especially with writing, students tend to accept feedback better from someone other than a parent — someone who’s outside of the family and not “close” to the student.

That’s because writing can be personal. Even though writing feedback is healthy and shared for improvement, teens, in particular, can be sensitive to what can often feel like criticism. Simply because of the emotions and personal nature of writing, having an outside instructor grade the student’s work is almost always less emotional — and less stressful — for a teen.

Also, developmentally, teens are in the stage of testing their independence from parents. So homeschooling parents’ great feedback is often “taken wrong.” It’s not you, mom and dad; it’s simply the developmental space where the teen resides!

Having a professional writer and writing instructor who isn’t a parent can be liberating and a more joyful experience for everyone. Because of this dynamic, even parents who are professional writers and English teachers have used Aquinas Writing Advantage’s Instructor Access — and it might be the perfect answer for you, too.

Are there grades?

Yes — all assignments are graded. Parents can access Homeschool Connections’ free resources page, to get forms and documents that help you to keep track of grades.

Is there anything else I need to know, to make this happen?

Because Instructor Access begins with an Unlimited Access or Single Access subscription, you will need an active subscription. If you have any questions or need help with this, feel free to contact us — we’re happy to help!

What’s the benefit of using Instructor Access over LIVE or Unlimited Access only courses?

All of the benefits of using Unlimited Access/Single Access (above) apply — and the one-on-one instructor feedback gives you more specific, targeted help with a professional writer and instructor who is focused on your student’s exact needs. Writing composition needs individual feedback, and Instructor Access gives you that feedback from a professional writer who is up-to-date on what your student needs to succeed in middle school, high school, college, and beyond.

Especially if your student has any kind of learning challenge or is “gifted” and wants to master the information at a higher level, the individualized nature of Instructor Access is a perfect fit.

If your student is a competent independent learner — and flexible learning works best for your schedule — and the Unlimited Access low cost of $34.97 or Single Access  low cost of $17.97 fits your family’s needs — and you and your student prefer to have someone else grade the work — then Instructor Access is for you.

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