Thomas Frederick

Thomas Frederick, MS

Teaches: Physics & Mathematics

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About Thomas Frederick

Thomas (Tom) Frederick is a former Physics and Mathematics teacher at Saline High School in Michigan. He has twenty-plus years of classroom experience helping young people understand and apply mathematics and physics.

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Testimonials from Students & Parents

"An amazing job explaining difficult concepts"

Student: “It was an awesome class. I throughly enjoyed attending the live classes. Mr. Frederick did an amazing job explaining difficult concepts. He also provided some humor which enhanced the class. “

"Constantly available to answer my questions"

Student:”I enjoyed this course very much, and Mr. Frederick was a very helpful instructor, who was constantly available to answer my questions.”

"My favorite class this year"

Student: ” Physics was my favorite class this year. Mr. Frederick was fantastic and a great teacher. The website was easy to use, not complicated at all.”

"Easy and fun!"

Student: “Before this class, I really disliked math of all kinds. But the teacher was able to make learning all the new concepts easy and fun!”

" Very dedicated to his students"

Student: “Mr. Frederick was a really wonderful teacher who was very dedicated to his students. It was evident how hard he worked to make even the most daunting concepts seem understandable.”

"My daughter counts down the hours until the class begins"

Parent: “We are extremely pleased with the textbook and with Mr. Frederick’s teaching style and class format. My daughter counts down the hours until the class begins, which says a lot! Mr. Frederick’s passion for his subject is very evident, and I think that’s assuring and inspiring to most students.”

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