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Henry Russell, PhD

Teaches: Literature

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About Henry Russell

A graduate of Princeton and South Carolina (MS), Dr. Henry Russell completed his graduate work at Louisiana State University. Formerly the Chairman of Ave Maria College’s Department of Literature, he has also been a professor at Franciscan University of Steubenville and Wake Forest University. He is a founding faculty member of the St. Robert Southwell Creative Writing Workshop held in Mahwah, New Jersey.

Sharon Hamric Weis

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Testimonials from Students & Parents

"He helped me to understand"

Student: “I learned so much about the Christian themes as well as literary genius through the sagacity of Dr. Russell. He also helped me to understand the writing style of Willa Cather.”

"Entirely fascinating"

Student: “Dr. Russell talks a lot, but is entirely fascinating and has a thorough grasp of his subject matter.”

"A gift for teaching!"

Student: “Prof. Russell was great. He really has a gift for teaching!”

"Delighted to hear some new insights"

Student: “I love The Man Who Was Thursday and was delighted to hear some new insights on it.”

"Dr. Russell's courses bring life and understanding"

Parent: “My daughter has loved watching Dr. Russell’s recorded lectures over her high school career. We use Kolbe Academy and Dr. Russell’s courses bring life and understanding to the books she’s required to read for Kolbe.” 

"I loved that the entire class had a Catholic outlook"

Student: “This was the first class I took as a homeschooler (after switching out of the public school system) and I loved that the entire class had a Catholic outlook. It was more than a literature class – it was theology.”

"I didn't even begin to imagine"

Student: “I didn’t even begin to imagine half of the parallels and typologies. Thank you, Dr. Russell.”

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