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Jackie de Laveaga , MED

Teaches: Writing, History, Literature, & Grade School Program

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About Jackie de Laveaga

Mrs. de Laveaga holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Secondary Education and a Master of Education degree with an emphasis in Language Arts Instruction.

Her career includes teaching both synchronous and asynchronous courses for students in middle school and high school in writing, humanities, literature, and journalism.

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Testimonials from Students & Parents

"A fantastic teacher"

Parent: “Mrs. de Laveaga was a fantastic teacher who knew the material. I’m looking forward to signing my son up for another course with her.”

"I loved the breakout rooms"

Student: “Thank you for teaching me American Literature last year. I appreciate the insights, points of view, and outside sources you brought to the class. The discussions were very intriguing and I look forward to discussing various points about the books in my future literature class, since I will be re-reading a few of the books this year. 

“Most of all in this class, I appreciated the opportunity to discuss Literature in a Catholic atmosphere and touch on other relevant issues in light of the book or topic. I loved the breakout rooms and sharing the insights we found to the class. Thank you for leading us in discussions and helping us reap more from the book.

This opportunity to actually analyze the literature through these breakout rooms, discussions, and literary analyses provided a more thorough and in-depth literature course than I have previously had. I will try to apply your methods of discussion and analyzing to my future literature classes. Thank you for this opportunity.” (American Literature)

"Super helpful and fun"

Student: “The class was super helpful and fun. I expecially liked the breakout sessions and I learned a lot” (Medieval History 2:  4: Red Hugh Prince of Donegal)

"The homework discussions were amazing"

Student: “[Mrs. deLaveaga] was amazing! Very bright and knowledgeable. Even the homework discussions were amazing. They really helped me to understand the topic better and challenged me to think and grow.” (American Literature)

"A great class!"

Student: “This was a great class! I feel much more comfortable about the book, and it turned out to be awesome. The Final Project was helpful for me to learn more about the subject matter. Also liked the fun videos Mrs. de Laveaga posted.”  (American History 1: Kat Finds a Friend, A St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Story)

"I feel like I have my family back"

Parent“I just wanted to thank you so much for this wonderful program! I can’t tell you how much my kids are enjoying the readings and I feel like I have my family back after years of chaotic homeschooling! We are taking less time and yet sitting together and learning more. Thank you!!” (Project-Based Ancient History Unit Study (Grade School)

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