Kerrie Berends

Kerrie Berends, PhD

Teaches: Health Science, American Sign Language (ASL)

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About Kerrie Berends

Kerrie Berends, PhD, has worked in the health and wellness field for over 30 years and has extensive education and experience teaching homeschool K-12, university level, and individuals with disabilities and diseases throughout the lifespan. She holds two Masters degrees (adapted PE and teaching) and Doctorate in kinesiology. Dr. Berends holds industry certifications in Exercise Physiology (ACSM) and is a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and Sports Nutrition Specialist (NESTA). Dr. Berends currently teaches full time in Exercise Science and Nutrition at the university level and lives with her husband in Michigan. Her three homeschooled children are now each busy with their own careers (post-baccalaureate sales engineer, US Navy, and personal trainer).


  • High School Health: Personal Fitness
  • High School Health: Nutrition
  • ASL I
  • ASL II

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