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Aquinas Writing Advantage

Get Online Writing Courses, Simplified—With Aquinas Writing Advantage

Give your middle and high school students LIVE and recorded courses – Taught by writing experts who are professional writers and editors, university instructors, published authors, screenwriters, and more!


Does your student sit and stare at the page—not knowing what to write or how to begin?
Is she taking too much time to write?
Is he frustrated—with crumpled pages and deleted paragraphs?
Are you frustrated—because, in your estimation, the “final page” is confusing, disjointed, or incomplete?
If so, this is for you.

And can your student name:

The five parts of a thesis statement?
The “list” of words we must absolutely avoid in academic writing?
Eight different (and specific) ways to start any academic work, to “hook your reader in”?
The four distinct parts of an academic paragraph

If not, then this is for you!

If you want your student to…

Learn how to write the best essays and papers possible—with clear, powerful writing…
Create well-formed sentences and paragraphs that are linear and make sense…
Know exactly what to do, to write well—and be fully prepared for college writing…
Get rid of writing frustration and easily put ideas onto the paper…
Get “writing tricks and tips” from experts and professional writers who give your student confidence…
Then the Aquinas Writing Advantage courses are a perfect fit for your student.

Get all the writing courses you need!

Middle School

Get every middle school course that you need – including punctuation & grammar, English usage, strong sentences & paragraphs, and more…

High School

Get all you need, simplified – with writing foundations, vocabulary & writing, creative writing, business writing & journalism, college-prep rhetoric & argumentative writing, and more…

Fiction Writing

With the largest, most complete Catholic fiction writing program for students online today – covering literary craft, screenwriting, comedy writing, poetry, how to be an author, and more…

Whether your student struggles or excels, get every single writing course you need in a program that’s DIFFERENT from all other programs out there – to put your student ahead.

Get Writing Courses In…

Punctuation & Grammar
Foundations of Composition
Beyond the 5-Paragraph Essay
Writing the Excellent Essay
Writing Form & Style
Vocabulary & Writing
Rhetoric & Figures of Speech
Dozens of fiction writing courses
Poetry, short stories, comedy
Foundations of Journalism
Journalism & Business Writing
Advanced Rhetoric & Writing
The Hero’s Journey

How it’s different:


It’s all about mastery.

This program isn’t rote learning. And it’s not about copy work. It’s not even about using a workbook or grade-based “all in one” course. Because to learn to write well, it’s simply not enough to follow a workbook or “skip to writing essays.” You get writing mastery by mastering the steps (and parts) of writing—and learning to think clearly and critically as we learn to write.


It’s all about critical thinking.

Learning to write is about training our student to think critically, to know how to brainstorm and organize thoughts (ideation), to know how to avoid the common pitfalls of written communication (like commas!), and to be able to express clear, crisp, complete, and fully formed ideas that people can easily follow.

It’s all about “short courses” that build on one another.

Every single writing skill is separated out and taught within specific courses that connect together into exactly what you need. With step-by-step short courses, your student becomes a confident writer through a formula for success that’s easy to follow.

It’s tested and true.

It’s not just about how to write a research paper. It’s about how to write successfully—and how to be good at writing—for the rest of your life. Thousands of students have gone through the program—students who are now fully confident writers in college or who have great jobs… and even who are now professional, published writers themselves!

It’s all laid out for you.

Here, you get a clear plan. A process. What you need to transform your student from a struggling writer into a confident, excellent writer.

Want to Know Where Your Student Fits?


Get a personalized writing assessment with clear feedback on punctuation and grammar, essay skills, and more — and know your student’s writing strengths and weaknesses…


Frequently Asked Questions:
Aquinas Writing Advantage

Are there LIVE writing courses?

With Aquinas Writing Advantage, you can get dynamic LIVE online courses for your middle and high school students that are detailed and interactive — fully complete. Find out more about the LIVE courses here.

Are there self-paced (recorded) writing courses?

Every course is available for you in an easily accessed recorded format — with ALL the course materials laid out week by week — including teaching videos, readings, resources, assignments, and more. Find out more about the recorded courses here.

How do I know where to place my student? Is there a placement assessment?

For high school students, there’s an affordable, detailed assessment available here that can help you exactly know your student’s writing skills (and where to start, with courses). To find out how to check punctuation, grammar, essay writing, and more, visit the page here.

For middle school students, if you have a 7th or 8th grade student and you want to join the 7/8 course year, it is recommended that your student watches the 6/7 courses in recording, to make sure punctuation, grammar, English skills, and strong sentence writing skills are in place.

Why is writing taught separately from the literature (and history) courses?

Writing and literature (or history) are completely different skills sets (and completely different subjects). By “mixing” the two skills sets, literature teachers may be great writers but not skilled at teaching writing. We place a particular emphasis on the skill of writing—and we elevate writing to its most-important place, to be able to succeed more easily in college and beyond.

If I’m coming from another writing program, can I switch to taking courses here?

Yes! Aquinas Writing Advantage can get your student writing with excellence at any level or grade! And if you’re working with another full program and need specific help with writing, the courses here are a perfect fit, too.

Where does my student learn the writing skills that go with literary analysis?

Here, you can get a full year of in-depth literary analysis how-to’s with the 11-Series Fiction Writing and Creative Writing courses. These courses cover all that you need for college-level literary analysis and writing, including plot and structure, characters and dialogue, theme, style and point of view, conflict, the Hero’s Journey, and more. And advanced writing in screenwriting, poetry, and comedy writing are available, too. Find out more about the fiction writing courses that cover literary analysis in the catalog.

How much homework is in a course?

Homework varies for each course. Aside from the Punctuation and Grammar courses (that have self-grading quizzes), students learn writing by writing! Check out a time estimate for homework in each of the courses listed in the LIVE Course Catalog and the Recorded Course Catalog.

Are there textbook costs?

Many reading materials are FREE within the course — and if a book is required, the cost is usually between $15 to $30 (available on Amazon or other booksellers).

Find out more about your course’s book requirements in the LIVE catalog and Recorded course catalog

Are there grades?

Yes — all assignments can be graded and kept for transcripts. Students have access to automatically-graded quizzes and written assignments that are assigned grades by either the parent or through an Instructor Access mentor and tutor. Parents can access Homeschool Connections’ free resources to keep track of grades, too.

Because students often “do better” with outside writing help — and writing is one of those subjects with “unique compositions” that need individualized feedback — “outside grading” with Instructor Access is always available for you.

Can I take Unlimited Access recorded courses and LIVE courses at the same time?

Absolutely yes — and many students do! And if your student doesn’t meet a prerequisite, you can easily take a recorded course to “catch up.”

How do I know the prerequisites of a specific course?

At the Aquinas Writing Advantage website, each and every course is described in full. At the end of the website course pages, you’ll find specific course requirements.

Go to the website here, to find out more about specific courses and prerequisites, or visit the LIVE catalog or Recorded catalog for specifics.

Can I get one-on-one help?

Almost every writing course has Instructor Access available. Instructor Access is one-on-one, side-by-side help where your student uses Unlimited Access to view the course, submits his or her work to a professional writing teacher via email, and receives specific feedback and grades for the assignments. Learn more about Instructor Access.

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