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Interested in Teaching for Homeschool Connections?

Let’s find out if you’re a good fit! We partner with professionals, experts, and highly skilled teachers who have proven to be dynamic communicators with a love of, passion for, and commitment to their subject area.


Preferably you have a university degree in your field of study, with an additional advanced degree desired (master’s or terminal degree).

If not, you have the equivalent professional experience that shows expertise and competency in your teaching subject area.


You have outstanding personal experience in the field of study you teach; leadership and life experience in that area of study; are committed to the furtherance of the subject matter in work and community; and you are connected professionally and personally to potentially further the area of study across the world with positive influence.

Personal and Teaching Skills

High communication and presentation skills are natural to you, and you have experience communicating in a digital environment.

You’re able to exude a natural passion and joy for your subject area – and you’re able to easily, simply, concisely, and correctly convey the subject matter in a way that excites and engages student listeners and learners.

Expert Status

You have one or more of the following: You are a published author, speaker, and leader in your field of study; you have published books, articles, and educational materials (hard copy or online); you have authored studies and research; you have professionally worked in reputable organizations, corporations, and so on in your area of study (e.g. you’re an engineer teaching engineering who has worked at NASA; you’re a professional editor from Scholastic Books teaching writing; you’re a published musical composer who teaches music courses; you’re a radio personality who connects with experts worldwide and teach communication; you’re an environmental scientist teaching environmental science; you’re a university curriculum developer… and, well, you get the picture!).

Online Delivery

Though not required to be an expert (we provide training), we prefer you to have some familiarity with creating PowerPoints, using Learning Management Systems (LMS), and teaching synchronous online courses.


The founders of Homeschool Connections firmly support Christian tenets and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church as well as strive to live lives worthy of emulation by students.

Teachers agree to uphold Catholic teaching in the classroom.


You LOVE what you do! You can’t wait to share your knowledge and passion with others – and working at home, sharing your passion and joy with students is your dream job!

How Does it Work?

Instructors are Independent Contractors. Under the guidance of our Curriculum Developer, instructors create the course content and teaching & learning materials within our content system and brand – to passionately give students a dynamic learning experience within your expertise and style.

We’re interested in your success. You have a high amount of content freedom – and receive support in your professional career and personal life.

Meet most (if not all) of the criteria? We want to hear from you! 

Start the Application

  1. As part of your application process, record a video that tells us about you – including your credentials and why you’d like to teach for Homeschool Connections.
  2. Upload your video to YouTube
  3. Send the link to us in the form below
Example: 5mbps upload speed/5mbps download speed
High School Math, Middle School Literature, etc.

Homeschool Connections is an Equal Opportunity Employer and considers all candidates for employment equally regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, or genetic information. Because of its status as a religious entity, Homeschool Connections may consider the candidate’s religious affiliation in its employment decisions, consistent with State and Federal law. All applicants will be be asked if they can agree to uphold Catholic Church teaching in the classroom. A moral clause  is included in the teacher contract.

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