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Alexis Mausolf, BA, MA

Teaches: German

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About Alexis Mausolf

Alexis Mausolf has a Bachelors degree in Russian Studies from Washington and Lee University and a Masters degree in German with a concentration in German literature from Florida State University. Before her marriage, Mrs. Mausolf lived in Germany for a year, teaching English at several colleges. She taught German at the college level in the States for a number of years and enjoys teaching the homeschooled students at Homeschool Connections. Her husband is from Germany too, and they enjoy speaking German at home in Texas with their two homeschooled kindern.

Sharon Hamric Weis

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Testimonials from Students & Parents 

"Makes learning a language as difficult as German quite fun"

Student: “Mrs. Mausolf is an awesome teacher! She was very helpful, and her live classes are really engaging. She makes learning a language as difficult as German quite fun and interesting.”

"Incorporated the Catholic Faith very well"

Student: “Frau Mausolf was very patient in explaining everything, and made all of the classes fun. Also, she incorporated the Catholic Faith very well in the prayers she had before every class and the German patron saints she chose for each month.”

"My child looks forward to each class session"

Parent: “Frau Mausolf’s enthusiasm and love of both the subject matter and her students makes the class so much more enjoyable. She is well prepared, and she includes a lot of German culture into the online notes and class conversations. She is very encouraging, especially when students struggle a bit. My child looks forward to each class session and never wants to miss because it’s so interesting and fun with Frau Mausolf and the other students.”

"Very impressed by the inclusion of German saints"

Parent“Very impressed by the inclusion of German saints, and the prayers included at the beginning of each lesson, in German”

"Your program is fantastic"

Parent: “Your program is fantastic! My daughter used it as recorded courses and and was able to test into 3rd semester German at college! Thank you!”

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