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Jim Churches, CEC,CCA, AAC

Teaches: Culinary Arts

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About Jim Churches CEC, CCA, AAC

Jim Churches is a Corporate Executive Chef with 29 years of Foodservice Experience and 19 years expereince as a Corporate Executive Chef in Food Manufacturing. He has acted as a culinary advisor to many High school/College culinary programs, and is a culinary advisory board member and content contributor for Chef Magazine.

In 2019, he won the American Culinary Federation Excellence in Foodservice Award and was also inducted into The American Academy Of Chefs. He has also achieved many other awards, including the 2018/2019 Bounce Children’s Foundation Best Bite, 2018 Chef De Cuisine Association of California Professional Award, 2021 Central Region Winner Dr. LJ Minor Professionalism Award, and the 2021 American Culinary Federation Cutting Edge Award.

Chef Churches is a Certified Executive Chef, Certified Culinary Administrator with the American Culinary Federation, and he is excited to bring his expertise in the kitchen to HSC!


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