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Sam Nicholson, PhD

Teaches: Philosophy

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About Sam Nicholson

Sam Nicholson earned his PhD from the University of Virginia in 2011. In addition to publishing in peer-reviewed journals, he has taught at the University level for nearly 10 years and has three years experience teaching logic at the high school level. He is an analytically trained Thomist with special interests in the Philosophy of Mind, the Philosophy of Science, and the Theory of Knowledge.

Dr. Nicholson is married to Homeschool Connections’ Victorian literature instructor Eleanor Nicholson. The Nicholsons homeschool their four children.


  • Basic Symbolic Logic
  • Basics of Inductive Reasoning
  • Classical Syllogistic Logic
  • Theories of Knowledge

"A new appreciation of Symbolic Logic"

Student: “Dr. Nicholson gave me a new appreciation of Symbolic Logic and he helped me really understand it.” 

Sharon Hamric Weis

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