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MacBeth Derham

Teaches: Science, Drama
120hrs of recorded courses

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About MacBeth Derham

MacBeth Derham studied biology at Mount Holyoke College and has taught natural history in the field for over 30 years. She currently teaches classes for her homeschool group, tutors math and science privately, and is the 7th-grade catechist in her parish’s Faith and Formation program.

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Testimonials from Students & Parents

"My only regret is that the class is over"

Student“I love Mrs. Derham!!! My only regret is that the class is over. I also love how easy your website is to use and the quality of classes offered.”

"Easy to learn"

Student“Mrs. Derham made the subject easy to learn.”

"Very great person to look up to"

Student“Thank You Mrs Derham I love you and find you a very funny and very great person to look up to when studying Ornithology.”

"Challenging them with some new concepts"

Parent“[Mrs. Derham] is very friendly and conversational, pays attention to the students, keeps it at a level not overwhelming to a middle schooler but is clearly challenging them with some new concepts. This is the first time my daughter has taken a ‘real’ course and it is perfect because it is a gentle experience but she knows she is learning things.”

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