Homeschool Transcripts

Homeschool Connections is proud to be partnering with FastTranscripts…

As of August 2023, Homeschool Connections has formed a strong relationship with FastTranscripts to provide transcripts to parents of Homeschool Connections seeking a professional transcript certain to impress any one of the 4000+ colleges and universities they have formed a relationship with.

In order to begin the process to create, document, and distribute your student’s transcript, please click the below button.

Who is FastTranscripts?

Founded by current CEO, Scott Meadows (he homeschools too!), FastTranscripts is a wonderful organization which has served over 40,000 families with their transcript needs. They use a subscription-based model to provide professionally done transcripts which makes the admission process easier by not only automating certain aspects of transcript creation but also by making it simple to distribute it electronically to over 4,000 colleges and universities.

Why is Fasttranscripts the best option for homeschoolers needing a transcript?

After meeting with Scott Meadows, CEO of FastTranscripts, and listening to testimonies by other homeschool parents, forming this relationship between Homeschool Connections and FastTranscipts only made sense. We want to hasten the production of transcripts for parents and simplify the creation, documentation, and distribution of those transcripts to your desired colleges and universities.  Additionally, since FastTranscripts provides standard course names and terms that admission departments appreciate your student’s transcript will better compete with student transcripts submitted by traditional schools. 

What are some of the features that stand out about a transcript created in their cloud-based tool?

To just name a few that we feel you will appreciate…

  • The auto-generation of course names when you are creating a transcript
  • The GPA Auto-calculation
  • The tool’s ability to catch 703 possible transcript errors
  • The guarantee of a perfect transcript
How much does it cost?

The cost will vary depending on the subscription you choose. These are monthly subscriptions. See below for a price and feature comparison. You will notice they offer a 30 day free trial period with each option. There is no credit card required to enjoy the 30 day free trial.


Does this cost more or less than what Homeschool Connections used to charge to create a transcript?

That depends on the service you choose with FastTranscripts. It costs less even if you subscribe to their base service for three months (including the one month free trial). We previously charged $40 for each transcript.

We believe the turnaround time to generate your transcript will decrease and the additional accompanying services will make this entire process easier for parents, which is ultimately the goal.

Do I have to keep my subscription active in order to benefit from the service?

In short, no, you do not have to keep it active. As of August 2023, FastTranscripts will keep your transcript records if you decide to discontinue the service. When you reactivate it, you will still have access to your transcript records. You can cancel the service at any time.

What if I already ordered a transcript through Homeschool Connections? Will it be prepared by Homeschool Connections?

We will honor your request to create a transcript and produce it as promptly as our staff is able.

Do I have to use Fasttranscripts to create a transcript for my student or can I create my own?

You can use whatever means you feel comfortable with creating a transcript including the sample transcripts found in our Free Resources page.

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