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Paul Hyatt

Teaches: Government, History

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About Paul Hyatt

Paul Hyatt has had the honor of experiencing many different careers. He has served as a United States Marine Corps Infantryman in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom from 2007-2011. After this he studied the social sciences, focusing primarily on history and political science, in order to receive his bachelors degree from Ball State University. Not too long after this, he had the pleasure of being a school teacher at Jay County High School for five years.

Teaching brought out the best in Paul and ultimately acted as one of the geat forces that pushed him to convert to Catholicism. While teaching, he was often recognized by parents, students, and faculty as being an incredible teacher, coach, and moral force for good in the Jay County community.

Paul is also a loving husband and craftsman. He builds handmade furniture, which led him to have an interest in building his own timber frame home someday. This led him to study timber framing at the Shelter Institute in Maine in the summer of 2021.

Paul is very dedicated to bringing everything that he has learned to the next several generations of young people.


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