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Bill Donaghy

Teaches: Philosophy, Theology

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About Bill Donaghy

Bill Donaghy has worked in the fields of mission and evangelization since 1999. In October of 2000, he was chosen to represent his country in a special tribute for the Jubilee of Missionaries in Rome. With 11 other missionaries from around the world, he was given a simple cross by St. John Paul II and called by the Holy Father to “bring Jesus back to your country.” He is filled with a passion for his faith and dedicated to spreading the joy of the New Evangelization.

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Testimonials from Students 

"Now I feel closer to God"

Student“The class was about the way of beauty, and how God speaks to us through beauty. It was a really great class. I loved the discussions we had during class, and now I feel closer to God through the beauty in the world. I’d definitely recommend that other people take this course!”

"Mr. Donaghy is a great teacher"

Student: “I already loved the Lord of the Rings but now I love it even more! I am reading the Simarilion for the first time and have a greater understanding of what is happening because of this class. The two essays we had to write related well back to the subject and I enjoyed writing them. Mr. Donaghy is a great teacher!”

"It got me going with writing essays"

Student: “The homework assignments were tough and required a lot of thinking, but it got me going with writing essays. Keep up the good work with these classes! Thanks!”

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