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Christopher Zehnder

Teaches: History, Theology

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About Christopher Zehnder

Christopher Zehnder holds a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from Thomas Aquinas College, Santa Paula, California, and a Master of Arts in Theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary, Cromwell, Connecticut. He has taught history, theology, Latin, English grammar, composition, English literature, and universal literature at Catholic secondary schools in Connecticut and California. 


About Christopher Zehnder

He has developed curricula in history and language arts. In addition to his work in education, Mr. Zehnder has edited two monthlies and written for various publications on historical, political, and theological subjects.

He currently is general editor for the  Catholic Textbook Project, and is the author of three of the project’s books: From Sea to Shining Sea: The Story of AmericaLight to the Nations II: the Making of the Modern World; and Lands of Hope and Promise: A History of North America. He lives with his wife, Katherine, and their seven children in Ohio.

See Courses & Videos

  • Government / History: A History of Government in Europe and America 
  • History (Middle School): California Missions 
  • History: Light to the Nations I: A History of Christian Civilization, Christ to 1750 
  • History: Light to the Nations II: Making of the Modern World
  • History: North American History: From Columbus to the 20th Century 
  • History: American History: Lands of Hope and Promise 
  • History: Characters of the Reformation and Enlightenment 
  • Theology: An Introduction to the Catholic Faith: The Didache 
  • Theology: Scripture and Tradition: The Didache

Testimonials from Parents 

"I'm addicted to Mr. Zehnder's North American History Class"

Parent: “Just an FYI, I’m addicted to Mr. Zehnder’s North American History Class . . . and I’m the parent!  🙂  I haven’t had a chance to check out my son’s Lit. Class on Dante, but he seems to like it. This is our first time with Homeschool Connections and it definitely won’t be our last.”

"More like a novel than the old boring history texts"

Parent“I highly recommend Mr. Z’s American History Course. He is a great teacher. My kids enjoyed him and they LEARNED so much. I loved learning new things right along with them. The text is written more like a novel than the old boring history texts. I can not say enough about this course other than if you have a high school student who needs an American History Course, don’t hesitate to sign up for this one. It is worth every penny!”

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