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Tammy Parker’s Pine Meadows Academy Accountability Mentoring Program

The side-by-side help your teen needs to become independent, organized, and successful.

About Tammy Parker

Tammy Parker has a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in Financial Administration and has served as a financial advisor and mentor/teacher/tutor for over 30 years. She continues to be enthusiastically involved with all ages: pre-K to adult, and every age/grade in between.

Testimonials from Parents

"A life changer for my teen son

Parent: “Tammy Parker’s accountability mentoring was a life changer for my teen son. We use a combination of local co-op classes, mom-led activities, and HomeschoolConnections.com online courses.

When my son was a sophomore, he had a desire to be more independent and self directed in his learning. However, he didn’t have the skills in his toolbox to be successful academically on his own and ended up so far behind in his studies it looked like he would not graduate on time. I hired Tammy to keep my son accountable at the beginning of his junior year.

First, Tammy helped my son create a detailed timeline that would have him graduate on time. Then she taught him how to better use his planner to complete the timeline. I loved that Tammy not only met with my son weekly, but also met with me (yes, I needed to be held accountable too!).

The fruits of those weekly meetings are a young man who is better able to prioritize work & play, who has more free time because he is more disciplined in following his plan, and who is more thoughtful about the important things in his life. I’m happy to report that my son graduated from high school on time with honors.

Most importantly, he now has the skills to be successful in his adult life.”

  ~ Maureen W., Michigan

"He is meeting with a professional coach

Parent: “We started with Pine Meadows Academy about 8 weeks ago, and it has allowed me (mom, head of school) to release some of the more challenging tasks with my HS student.  

Now, he is meeting with a professional coach who is guiding him on the path to self-management and organization.  It’s also an opportunity for him to learn how to be responsive to a supervisor 1:1 that is not mom. Mrs. Parker has a very positive, growth-over-time approach that is perfect for learning and cementing habits.

I would recommend this for any parent/teacher who needs a new set of eyes on the situation, anyone who is looking to move guidance to another reliable Catholic professional, and for any parent who sees a real need for a systems-based approach for a teen.  

Success is not an overnight thing, but it happens when we keep taking steps in the right direction.”

  ~ Mrs. H., Central Texas

"You have been the biggest part of fostering... the self-discipline, forward-thinking, goal setting, and ability to navigate problems

Parent: “I wanted to take a moment and just thank you for all you’ve done and accomplished through Pine Meadows Academy with and for our children! 

“This is especially apparent as things have changed recently this year and your ability to adapt quickly and still offer a full time solution for mentoring and accountability.  It has been wonderful working with you!

“Our children continue to grow and flourish as students in your mentorship program.  My son, John, as a recent graduate and now into his first year in college told me that one of the things that has helped him excel was how he learned to set goals and incorporate that into his schedule and planner.  He said a lot of students don’t use a planner and he finds this keeps him focused and successful. 

“The use of a planner and the skills you continue to teach in goal setting and helping students keep themselves accountable are such a wonderful tool that many students lack today.  By the way, John is working on his finals week next week and he will finish the year strong with all A’s at Cornerstone University.  I’m so very thankful that PMA gave him the tools to succeed, keep himself accountable, and be prepared for the world on his own.
“Our 2 girls continue to learn and grow at PMA as well.  Another thing in particular that really stands out is how you are there for our children and teach them to work through problems and think for themselves.  So much teaching we do is not just arriving at an answer but fostering and building the skills so they can do it on their own when we are not there.  Thank you for being such an important part of that process with us!
“Since entering the mentorship program full time, and since our jobs keep us working during the day, you have been the biggest part of fostering not only their academic growth but also developing the self-discipline, forward-thinking, goal setting, and ability to navigate problems with the principles you teach.  You are truly a blessing and obviously have a gift for loving and growing children!
“Words cannot express how very grateful we are to have you in our and their lives!”

~ Jenn L., Michigan

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