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Nick Wilson

Teaches: High School Writing, Writing Assessments

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About Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson, the Writing Assessment Coordinator for the Aquinas Writing Advantage program, graduated from Yale University with a Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) and earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Philosophy from the South Carolina Honors College.

Currently, Mr. Wilson is a PhD student in philosophy at the University of South Carolina where he teaches ethics courses at the university’s philosophy department, grades the writing of college students, and pursues research interests in medieval philosophy (especially St. Thomas), philosophy of religion, and ethics.

Mr. Wilson served as a teacher of theology and social studies at a Catholic high school; served as the high school campus minister; and served on his diocesan curriculum committee for theology. Mr. Wilson also enjoys a position of leadership in a small nonprofit aimed at the preservation of the liberal arts and public oratory.

Mr. Wilson lives in Lexington, South Carolina, where he homesteads with his wife and two daughters.

Sharon Hamric Weis

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