Sharon Hamric Weis

Sharon Hamric-Weis, JD

Teaches: Writing, Literature

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About Sharon Hamric-Weis

Sharon Hamric-Weis received her undergraduate degree in Secondary English Education from the California University of Pennsylvania and taught both middle and high schools courses at the Palm Beach County School system.

Sharon Hamric Weis

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Testimonials from Students & Parents 

"I will always remember you"

Student: “You truly are the best teacher that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only are you informative and guide clearly in a way I can easily learn from, you also are encouraging and kind and you have helped me become more confident in writing. I have come to not only respect you but to love you. Your understanding, humor, sympathy, generosity, and kind instruction have made a great impression on me, and I am positive that I will always remember you.”

"Her writing was so good"

Parent: “When Claire finished Advanced Rhetoric with Mrs. Hamric-Weis, she went on to college. Her composition intro prof wanted to know where she went to high school because her writing was so good. She very sweetly replied, “I was homeschooled.”

"I'm a much better writer"

Student: “Vocabulary and Writing with Mrs. Weis is my favorite class this year. I feel like I’m a much better writer and ready for the advanced writing next year. Additionally, I’ve enjoyed the Catholic atmosphere. Thank you Mrs. Weis.”

"I have begun to write stuff just for the fun of it."

Student: “I thoroughly enjoyed the online experience. Writing has never been a favorite of mine, but now I have begun to write stuff just for the fun of it.”

"Absolutely phenomenal"

Parent: “The classes were absolutely phenomenal! When do you start the sequel class?”

"She made it interesting and enjoyable"

Student: “There were so many things I did not understand before I took Mrs. Weis’ classes. I liked that she made it interesting and enjoyable. I would be happy to have her teach another class of mine.”

"Very friendly teacher!"

Student: “Very fun course with a very friendly teacher!”

"A wonderful experience"

Parent: “I want to personally thank you. This was a ‘first’ for us on many levels, and I am tickled to say it was a wonderful experience. I really appreciated the ease of ‘connecting’ with you and I know [my son] did as well. It is nice to get feedback from someone other than his mom. He keeps anxiously checking the grade book to see his final grade…which I am thrilled to see. Once again, many thanks for your expertise, efforts, and ‘caringness.'”  

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