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Kevin Kiernan

Teaches: Health Science

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About Kevin Kiernan

Mr. Kiernan has been with Homeschool Connections since 2018. As a classroom monitor, Mr. Kiernan has been teaching history, geography, science, mythology, religion, and literature before class through the pre-class Jeopardy games he produces. Mr. Kiernan is a Catholic husband and father to five children, with the youngest two using Homeschool Connections to finish their high school requirements.

Mr. Kiernan is a former competitive cross country and track & field athlete, competitive weight lifting athlete, CCS and WERA licensed motorcycle road racer, AMA motocross racer, and ATV Institute safely instructor. He is currently an NRA rifle, pistol, and shotgun instructor and competitive rifle and pistol, shooter. Mr. Kiernan studied mechanical engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has owned several businesses in the Powersports industry, and is currently the owner of Redline Rentals LLC. He is an active stock market day trader.

Mr. Kiernan enjoys hiking with his dog, weight lifting, mountain biking, target shooting, and spending time with his family, as well as debating politics and religion.


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