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Kathy Dutton, BBA, BS

Teaches: Science

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Testimonials from Students & Parents

"Loved Mrs. Dutton's chemistry course!"

Student: “Loved Mrs. Dutton’s chemistry course!”

"Really instilled a love of Chemistry"

Student: After taking this course, I felt well prepared for the AP Chemistry exam. Mrs. Dutton is an amazing teacher who really instilled a love of Chemistry in each of her students!”

"Mrs. Dutton’s class was terrific practice for meeting deadlines!"

Parent: “Loving the live, interactive courses. They are really helping prep my boys for college work (meeting deadlines, interacting with different professors, etc.). My oldest son had Mrs. Dutton last year for chemistry. She gives the kids hard deadlines, and starts taking off on grades if work is late. [My son] is now taking some dual enrollment courses at our local college. Mrs. Dutton’s class was terrific practice for meeting deadlines! [He] had zero problems with his college deadlines. Thank you Mrs. Dutton!”

"Loved the Course!!!"


"You opened doors which may have never been opened"

Parent: “Thank you so much for another wonderful year. You have influenced [our daughter] greatly for the better. Both her father and I are thrilled that she had the opportunity to study under you. You opened doors which may have never been opened had it not been for your enthusiasm for the subject and clear method of conveying material. I hope that one of my other children will have the opportunity to study with you in the future.”

" I was never bored"

Student: “Mrs. Dutton was funny and I was never bored! I give her a 5 out of 5.”

"Mrs. Dutton prepared him so well"

Parent: “Chemistry was not my son’s favorite subject, but Mrs. Dutton prepared him so well that his professor recommended him for a chemistry tutoring job in his first semester at college. Thank you, Homeschool Connections!”

A wonderful alternative to community college"

Parent: “Great! A wonderful alternative to community college classes.”

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