Sharon Hamric Weis

David Palmer, MA, MTS

Teaches: Thomistic Philosophy

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About David Palmer

David (“Dave”) Palmer received his Master in Theology degree from the University of Dallas and studied the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas, writing several papers on Thomistic philosophy, with a specific area of interest in the restoration of Christian philosophy according to the philosophy of St. Thomas.

Sharon Hamric Weis

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Testimonials from Students & Parents

"I love the Summa now"

Student: “The Summa Theologica seemed boring to me before and now I have a much better understanding of it and I think I will read the Summa just for fun now. I love the Summa now and the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas.”

"The best teacher I have EVER had"

Student: “Mr. Palmer is by FAR the best teacher I have EVER had. His responses to my questions were so understandable, so prompt, and so well-written. I hope he does many more classes in the future. If he does anymore, I will be absolutely sure to take them.”

"A genius when it comes to explaining Thomas"

Student“The homework was very hard but it made me think differently about things in a wonderful way. Mr. Palmer, in my opinion, is a genius when it comes to explaining Thomas and the Summa. The homework for this class was very good. “

"Very helpful, clear, and understanding"

Student: “Mr. Palmer was an excellent teacher, very helpful, clear, and understanding. I hope our paths cross again in the future.”

"My daughter thanked me every week"

Parent“My daughter took the Intro to Summa course this year and thanked me every week for letting her take [Mr. Palmer’s] class.”

"Taught us all we needed to know about drama"

Student: “Mr. O’Brien was AWESOME!!! He is so funny!!! But he also taught us all we needed to know about drama!!! 

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