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Phillip Campbell, BA

Teaches: History, Economics, Logic

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About Phillip Campbell

Phillip Campbell holds a BA in European History from Ave Maria University and a certificate in Secondary Education through Madonna University. He has taught in a variety of educational settings throughout his career and has taught history for Homeschool Connections for over fifteen years. 

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Testimonials from Students & Parents

"A fantastic teacher"

Student: “Phillip Campbell is a fantastic teacher, and I’ve already recommended this course to my little sister. Also, I’m looking forward to taking “The Glory of Ancient Greece” this semester. Thank you!”

"We signed her up for this semester"

Parent: “My daughter likes Mr. Campbell so much we signed her up for this semester even though she already studied Modern European History!”

"[Our son] was never fond of history until he took one of your classes last semester."

Parent: “[Our son] was never fond of history until he took one of your classes last semester. And just today at family dinner, I overheard him explaining something that he learned in one of your classes!”

"Makes me want to go back to school!"

Parent: “Thank you — I am referring everyone to Homeschool Connections — the instructors are excellent! My kids especially love any class with Phillip Campbell. I am learning along with them. Makes me want to go back to school!” — Rachel, 2019 

"I absolutely HATED history until I was taught by Mr. Campbell"

Student: “Mr. Campbell’s classes are so awesome! I have not found a single class from him that I have disliked. I absolutely HATED history until I was taught by Mr. Campbell. He has found the perfect mix of fun and learning to make history and economics very, very fun. I would recommend any and all of his classes to anyone. I have taken probably 15 or 20 of his classes so far (live and recorded) and they ROCK!” 

"I love your teaching style."

Parent“I love your teaching style. On top of paying for and receiving a “meaty” history course, you aren’t a pushover. I’ve signed up for many online classes with different companies over the years and it bugs me to no end when a teacher is too “easy” on the kids. It doesn’t do the child (in my case, a 6ft 2 in man-child) any favors accepting excuse after excuse. Your class came about because my son, Dominic, was dragging his feet with the history books I assigned him so I signed him up for your online class and made him pay for all of it. He’s making sure to get his money’s worth.”

"We are on our fourth history course by Mr. Campbell"

Parent“Thank you Homeschool Connections for making our homeschool curriculum so much better! In particular, Philip Campbell has really engaged and excited my high school son about history. Many times our son shares insights and facts that are not in standard textbooks, but that he has learned from Mr. Campbell during his lectures. We are on our fourth history course by Mr. Campbell and plan on doing as many as we can!”

"Excellent class with a great instructor!"

Parent“Excellent class with a great instructor! Professor Campbell’s use of a microphone headset resulted in the clear delivery of his articulate lectures. His slides were interesting and helpful. Professor Campbell’s enthusiasm for the subject matter and his sense of humor added to his excellent teaching skill. The computer-graded multiple choice exams reinforced the lectures and provided immediate feedback, both greatly appreciated. My son looks forward to taking many classes taught by Professor Campbell.”

"Give him a raise!"

Student: “Mr. Campbell = thebomb.com. Give him a raise!!!!!”

"I have been nothing but pleased"

Parent: “I have been nothing but pleased with the quality of Phillip Campbell’s classes.  My high school son thoroughly enjoyed taking his Foundations in Christian Historiography, The Great Depression, Vatican II Boot Camp, and Modern American History. Mr. Campbell brought history out of the oftentimes dry textbook and made it even more interesting, even for a boy whose strengths are in the sciences instead of the humanities. It is very encouraging to see a breadth of interest in your children, and sometimes it takes the perspectives and approaches of others to give that breadth.

"What a relief to have an external verification that my son IS learning"

Parent: “I was also very happy to take advantage of Mr. Campbell’s availability to grade my son’s essays in Modern American History.  History is not my strength, yet I could never find a “program” (with assessments included) that either my son or I liked.  I have always ‘pieced together’ his history each year. That meant, for the most part, it is in family discussions that we have been able to determine if and what he had learned. What a relief to have an external verification that my son IS learning and understanding history at a high school level and is able to communicate it in writing.”

"We were so pleased with his score"

Parent: “We’ve been meaning to send you a quick thank you note and let you know how beneficial Mr. Campbell’s History courses have been for our son. [Our son], now entering 10th grade, has done four courses with Mr. Campbell. Last May he took the SAT Subject Test in American History at our local high school. We were so pleased with his score –  a 780 out of 800 (93 percentile). He says the good score is mostly due to the classes with Mr. Campbell! So, thanks very much and looking forward to World History this year!”

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