Sharon Hamric Weis

Eleanor Bourg Nicholson

Teaches: Literature

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Sharon Hamric Weis

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Testimonials from Students & Parents 

"Very easy to contact"

Student: “Mrs. Nicholson was very enthusiastic about the class material. She made class very interactive and interesting and you could tell she put a lot of time and preparation into it. She was very easy to contact if you had a problem and resolved them quickly. I already signed up for her class next semester!” ~Lily H.

"My favorite teacher ever"

Student: “Mrs. Nicholson is my favorite teacher ever!! I never realized the amount of depth behind almost every sentence! The amount of symbolism in this story was amazing and eye opening!” ~Student of Jane Eyre

"An amazing animated teacher"

Student: “The class really helped me dig deeper into the meanings of literature instead of just skimming the surface. We also learned interesting facts about the Victorian era and not just the books themselves. Mrs. Nicholson was an amazing animated teacher.” ~Student of The Nineteenth-Century Novel 

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