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Saxon Algebra 2, Part One

Algebra 2 – the sequel to Algebra 1, only better! Learn the skills of Algebra 2 with Saxon Math to develop critical thinking skills and problem solving with logic, patterns, and reasoning including linear and nonlinear equations, functions, complex numbers, and concepts approaching trigonometry.

Total classes: 14

Prerequisite: Algebra 1

Suggested grade level: 9th to 12th grade

Suggested credit: One full semester Math


This is a high school level algebra 2 course. Students will complete four to five lessons per week with a test every other week. Students must view the recorded lectures before attending class, and then participate in class by working problems when requested and answering questions when called upon. Extra help is offered on Fridays at office hours, and students are encouraged to bring questions to class.


Week One: Lessons 1-5

Topics to Include: Polygons: Negative Exponents; Evaluation of Expressions; Distributive Property; Word Problems

Week Two: Lessons 6-10

Topics to Include: Equations with Decimal Numbers; Percent; Polynomials; Percent Word Problems; Pythagorean Theorem

Week Three: Lessons 11-15

Topics to Include: Addition of Fractions; Equation of a Line; Substitution; Finding the Equation of a Line; Elimination

Week Four: Lessons 16-20

Topics to Include: Multiplication of Polynomials; Subscripted Variables; Ratio Word Problems; Value Word Problems; Simplification of Radicals

Week Five: Lessons 21-24

Topics to Include: Scientific Notation; Uniform Motion Problems; Graphical Solutions; Fractional Expressions

Week Six: Lessons 25-28

Topics to Include: Monomial Factoring; Trinomial Factoring; Rational Expressions; Complex Fractions; Uniform Motion Problems

Week Seven: Lessons 29-32

Topics to Include: Uniform Motion Problems; Deductive Reasoning; Negative Reciprocals; Quotient Theorem for Square Roots

Week Eight: Lessons 33-36

Topics to Include: Major Rules of Algebra; Uniform Motion Problems; Angles in Polygons; Contrived Problems

Week Nine: Lessons 37-40

Topics to Include: Chemical Compounds; Powers of Sums; Difference of Two Squares; Abstract Fractional Equations

Week Ten: Lessons 41-44

Topics to Include: Units; Estimating with Scientific Notation; Sine, Cosine, and Tangent; Solving Right Triangles

Week Eleven: Lessons 45-48

Topics to Include: Difference of Two Squares; More on Radical Expressions; Rate Unit Conversions; Radical Equations

Week Twelve: Lessons 49-52

Topics to Include: Linear Intercepts; Quadratic Equations; Imaginary Numbers; Chemical Mixture Problems

Week Thirteen: Lessons 53-56

Topics to Include: Metric Conversions; Polar Coordinates; Abstract Equations; Angles in Circles

Week Fourteen: Review and Final Exam

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Saxon Algebra 2, third edition with the test and homeschool pack (www.setonbooks.com/saxon.php) a scientific calculator (TI 30X or the like), graph paper, ruler, protractor, compass, and pencil. Graphing calculators are useful, but not necessary. The instructor will provide a free weekly lecture in addition to the live, interactive classes.

Homework: Students will be required to complete four to five lessons per week (15 problems per lesson), and a 20-question test every other week. Students may bring questions to class, but are asked to attempt all work. Students should spend 6-8 hours a week on homework. Homework will be submitted to the instructor for grading and credit.

Important Dates

Class Dates:

Mondays, August 26 to December 9, 2024. (No class Sept. 2 for Labor Day & Oct. 28)


Tuesdays, September 3 to December 10, 2024. (No class Oct. 29)

Starting Time:

Mondays: 10:00 AM Eastern (9:00 Central; 8:00 Mountain; 7:00 Pacific)


Tuesdays: 1:00 PM Eastern (Noon Central; 11:00 AM Mountain; 10:00 AM Pacific)

Duration: 55 minutes per class

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