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Saxon Algebra I, Part One

Learn the skills of Algebra 1 with Saxon math for a solid understanding of algebraic expressions, scientific notations, polynomials, and more to master algebra with confidence.

Total classes: 14

Prerequisite: Saxon 8/7, Algebra ½, or equivalent

Suggested grade level: 9th grade and up

Suggested credit: One full semester Math


Did you know that every time you cross the street, algebra saves your life? Yes, you use algebra every day! In this course, students will study all concepts in Algebra 1 from linear to nonlinear equations, graphing and numerical studies with an emphasis on practical application. In its entirety, this course involves all concepts needed to fulfill national requirements for Algebra I. The topics include, but are not restricted to, operations with integers, rules of multiplicative identity and additive identity, equation solving, exponential function relations, quadratic function relations and their graphs, Cartesian graphing, polynomial relations and functions, radicals and their properties, as well as some work with geometric properties as a background for use in Algebra II.


Class One: Lessons 1-5

Topics to Include: Review of Pre-Algebra

Class Two: Lessons 6-10

Topics to Include: opposite of a number; area; rules for multiplication and division of integers; inverse operation; division by zero

Class Three: Lessons 11-15

Topics to Include: reciprocal and multiplicative inverse; order of operations; symbols of inclusion; multiplication of integers; evaluating algebraic expressions; surface area

Class Four: Lessons 16-20

Topics to Include: more complicated evaluations; factors and coefficients; terms; distributive property; exponents, powers of negative numbers, roots; volume

Class Five: Lessons 21-24

Topics to Include: product rule for exponents; addition of like terms; numerical and algebraic expressions; equivalent equations; additive and multiplicative property of equality

Class Six: Lessons 25-28

Topics to Include: Solutions of Equations; Distributive Property; Simplifying Decimal Equations; Fractional parts of numbers; Function notation

Class Seven: Lessons 29-32

Topics to Include: distributive property; inequalities; ratio problems; trichotomy axiom; quotient rule for exponents

Class Eight: Lessons 33-36

Topics to Include: addition of like terms; solving multi-variable equations; least common multiple; addition of rational expressions with unequal denominators; range, median, mode and mean

Class Nine: Lessons 37-40

Topics to Include: conjunctions; percents; polynomials: degree and addition of; multiplication of polynomials; polynomial equations

Class Ten: Lessons 41-44

Topics to Include: graphs of linear equations; addition of rational expressions; power rule for exponent; substitution axiom; complex fractions

Class Eleven Lessons 45-48

Topics to Include: finite and infinite sets; addition of algebraic expressions; percent; rearranging before substitution; geometric solids

Class Twelve: Lessons 49-52

Topics to Include: Sets of Real Numbers; Square roots; Products of square roots; domain; addition of Radical Expressions; Weighted Averages

Class Thirteen: Lessons 53-56

Topics to Include: Simplification of Radical Expressions: Equivalent Equations; Elimination; Complex Fractions; Factoring Trinomials; Probability

Class Fourteen: Review and Final Exam

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Saxon Algebra I Homeschool Kit, Third Edition (www.setonbooks.com/saxon.php)

Homework: 4-5 assignments of 15-20 problems per lesson. Expect to spend 30 to 60 minutes a day on homework.

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