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Saxon Advanced Mathematics (Pre-Calculus), Part Two

Are you entering science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or business in college? Then this Pre-Calculus will prepare you with algebraic and trigonometric concepts — including linear and nonlinear functions, complex numbers, polar coordinates, and more. Part 2 of 2, for Pre-College Students.

Total classes: 14

Prerequisite: Algebra II and Geometry (available Live or through Unlimited Access)

Suggested grade level: 11th to 12th grade

Suggested credit: One full semester Math


We will explore all the algebraic and trigonometric concepts; this includes both linear and nonlinear plus functions, complex numbers, and concepts involving trigonometry, and polar coordinates. This course will fulfill requirements for Pre-calculus and ready students for High School and college advanced topics math including Calculus.


Week 1: Lessons 55-58
Topics to include: Circular Permutations; Triangular Areas; Phase Shifts in Sinusoids; Distance from a point to a line

Week 2: Lesson 59-62
Topics to include: Advanced Logarithm Problems; Factorable Trigonometric Equations; Sing Variable Analysis; Abstract Coefficients

Week 3: Lessons 63-66
Topics to include: Circles and Completing the Square; The Complex Plane; Radicals in Trigonometric Equations; Formulas for Systems of Equations

Week 4: Lessons 67-70
Topics to include: Antilogarithms; Locus Definition of a Parabola; Matrices; Percentiles and z Scores

Week 5: Lessons 71-74

Week 6: Lessons 75-78
Topics to include: Combinations; Functions of (-x); Binomial Expansion; The Hyperbola

Week 7: Lessons 79-82
Topics to include: De Moivre’s Theorem; Trigonometric Identities; Law of Cosines; Taking the Logarithm of something

Week 8: Lessons 83-86
Topics to include: Simple Probability; Factorable Expressions; Advanced Trig Equations; Arithmetic Progressions and Means

Week 9: Lessons 87-90
Complete lessons 87-90, even problems for each lesson
Topics to include: Sum and Difference Identities; Exponential Functions; The Ellipse; Double-Angle Identities

Week 10: Lessons 91-94
Topics to include: Geometric Progressions; Probability of Either; Advanced Trig Identities; Graphs of Secant and Cosecant

Week 11: Lessons 95-98
Topics to include: Advanced Complex Roots; More Double-Angle Identities; The Ambiguous Case; Change of Base

Week 12: Lessons 99-102
Topics to include: Sequence Notation; Product Identities; Zero Determinants; Binomial Expansions

Week 13: Lessons 103-106
Topics to include: Logarithms; Cofactors; Translations of Conic Sections

Week 14: Review and Final Exam

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Saxon Advanced Mathematics and Incremental Development, Edition 2, with the test and homeschool pack (www.setonbooks.com/saxon.php), a scientific calculator (TI 30X or the like), graph paper, ruler, protractor, compass, and pencil. Graphing calculators are useful, but not necessary. Instructor will provide a free weekly lecture in addition to the live, interactive classes.

Homework: 4-5 assignments per week with 15-20 problems to work per lesson. Expect to spend approx. 60 minutes a day on homework (may vary depending on the student’s understanding of new concepts).

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