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Saxon Math 8/7, Part One (Weekly Lessons) Third Edition

Continue mastering middle school math with this Saxon math course where you’ll learn arithmetic calculation, measurements, geometry, and an introduction to pre-algebra, ratios, probability and statistics. Calculate with fractions, work with the metric system and repeating decimals, and more. Part 1 of 2.

Total classes: 14

Prerequisite: Saxon 7/6 or equivalent. Saxon placement test can be found at https://www.sonlight.com/homeschool/curriculum/placement-tests/saxon-placement-tests/

Suggested grade level: 8th grade or advanced 7th grade

Suggested credit: One full semester Math or Pre-Algebra


This course will introduce topics of algebraic thinking and investigative skills for math. Students will use all of their computation skills, which are essential learning for our students, but develop even greater uses for them in scientific notation and work with integers, or signed numbers. Graphing more complex plots like box-and-whisker and stem-and-leaf will be introduced and mastered. The geometry will build on what the Saxon 7/6 course developed with symmetry, proportions, and circumference and area of figures. Algebraic ideas begin with order of operations and repeating numbers, but continue with problem solving and percents. A student taking this class will be ready for Algebra 1 in the next year, or can complete Algebra 1/2 if more reinforcement of the concepts is needed.


Week 1-3: Lessons 1-10

Week 4-5: Lessons 11-20

Week 6-7: Lessons 21-30

Week 8-9: Lessons 31-40

Week 10-11: Lessons 41-50

Week 12-14: Lessons 51-60

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Saxon 8/7 Homeschool Kit, Third Edition (https://setonbooks.com/math/1760-saxon-87-homeschool-3rd-edition-home-study-kit.html). Other materials include compass, protractor, ruler, graph paper, and scientific calculator.

Homework: Daily assignments (aside from test days) taking 20-30 minutes, with weekly quizzes and tests occurring every week to two weeks.

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