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Saxon Algebra I, Part Two

Learn the skills of Algebra 1 with Saxon math — for a solid understanding of algebraic expressions, scientific notations, polynomials, and more — to master algebra with confidence.

Total classes: 14 live class recordings, plus 14 additional recorded lectures

Prerequisite: Algebra I, Part One (available Live or through Unlimited Access) or equivalent

Suggested grade level: 9th grade and up

Suggested credit: One full semester Algebra 1 or Math


Students will study all concepts in Algebra 1 from linear to nonlinear equations, graphing and numerical studies. In its entirety this course involves all concepts needed to fulfill national requirements for Algebra 1. The topics include, but are not restricted to, operations with integers, rules of multiplicative identity and additive identity, equation solving, exponential function relations, quadratic function relations and their graphs, Cartesian graphing, polynomial relations and functions, radicals and their properties, as well as some work with geometric properties as a background for use in Algebra 2.


Week 1: Lessons 57-60

Topics to include: Addition of Algebraic Expressions with negative exponents; Percent word problems; rearranging before substitution; geometric solids

Week 2: Lessons 61-64

Topics to include: subsets; square roots; products of square roots rule; domain

Week 3: Lessons 65-68

Topics to include: addition of radical expressions; simplification of radical expressions; review of equivalent equations; more about complex fraction

Week 4: Lessons 69-72

Topics to include: factoring trinomials; probability; trinomials with common factors; factors that are sums

Week 5: Lessons 73-76

Topics to include: factoring the difference of two squares; scientific notation; writing the equation of a line; consecutive integers

Week 6: Lessons 77-80

Topics to include: consecutive odd and even integers; rational equations; systems of equations with subscripted variables; operations with scientific notation

Week 7: Lessons 81-84

Topics to include: graphical solutions; evaluating functions; coin problems; multiplication of radicals

Week 8: Lessons 85-88

Topics to include: stem and leaf plots; division of polynomials; systems of equations; quadratic equations

Week 9: Lessons 89-92

Topics to include: value problems; work problems with two statements of equality; multiplicative property of inequality; uniform motion problems with equal distances

Week 10: Lessons 93-96

Topics to include: products of rational expressions; uniform motion problems; graphs of nonlinear functions; difference of two squares theorem

Week 11: Lessons 97-100

Topics to include: angles and triangles; distance between two points; uniform motion; place value

Week 12: Lessons 101-104

Topics to include: factorable denominators; absolute value inequalities; rational equations; abstract rational equations

Week 13: Lessons 105-108

Topics to include: factoring by grouping; linear equations; line parallel to a given line; square roots revisited

Week 14: Review and Final Exam

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Saxon Algebra I Homeschool Kit, Third Edition (www.setonbooks.com/saxon.php)

Homework: 4-5 assignments of 15-20 problems per lesson. Expect to spend 30 to 60 minutes a day on homework.

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