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Saxon Algebra II, Part Two

Learn the skills of Algebra 2 with Saxon Math — and develop critical thinking skills and problem solving with functions, complex numbers, pre-calculus concepts, and concepts approaching trigonometry. Part 2 of 2.

Total classes: 14 live classes plus 14 recorded classes

Prerequisite: Algebra II, Part One (available Live or through Unlimited Access) or the equivalent

Suggested grade level: 9th to 12th

Suggested credit: One full semester Math


Students will explore all of the algebraic concepts; this includes both linear and nonlinear as well as functions, complex numbers and concepts approaching trigonometry. This course will fulfill all requirements for an Algebra 2 course and ready students for High School advanced topics in math including Pre-calculus concepts.

Students are expected to watch the recordings of the instructor’s lecture each week and come to class prepared to work problems with the class based on those lectures, along with answering questions on what they have watched.


Week 1: Lessons 57-60

Topics to include: Ideal Gas Laws; Lead Coefficients; Completing the Square: Experimental Data

Week 2: Lessons 61-64

Topics to include: Chemical Mixture Problems; Complex Roots of Quadratic Equations; Addition of Vectors; Complex Fractions and Numbers; Direct and Inverse Variation

Week 3: Lessons 65-68

Topics to include: Advanced Substitution; Signs of Fractions; 30-60-90 triangles; Radical Denominators; Scientific Calculators,notation, powers and roots

Week 4: Lessons 69-72

Topics to include: Gas Law Problems; Advanced Abstract Equations; Quadratic Formula; Lines from Experimental Data, Negative Angles

Week 5: Lessons 73-76

Topics to include: More on Radical Denominators; Uniform Motion; Factorable Denominators and Sign Changes; Using both Substitution and Elimination

Week 6: Lessons 77-80

Topics to include: Advanced Radical Equations; Multiple Radicals; Force Vectors at a Point; Metric Volume; 45-45-90 Triangles

Week 7: Lessons 81-84

Topics to include: Complex Numbers and Real Numbers; Algebraic Simplifications; Product Rule With Variables; Degree of Equations, Systems of Equations

Week 8: Lessons 85-88

Topics to include: Systems of Nonlinear Equations; Greater than, Trichotomy and Transitive Axioms; Slope Formula; The Distance Formula, PV = nRT

Week 9: Lessons 89-92

Topics to include: Conjunctions; Systems of Three Equations; Linear Inequalities; Boat in the River Problems

Week 10: Lessons 93-96

Topics to include: The Discriminant; Dependent and Independent Variables; More Nonlinear Systems; Joint and Combined Variation

Week 11: Lessons 97-100

Topics to include: Advanced Substitution; Relationships of Numbers; Absolute Value Inequalities; Graphs of Parabolas

Week 12: Lessons 101-104

Topics to include: Percent Mark ups; Sums of Functions; Advanced Polynomial Division; Review of Complex Numbers

Week 13: Lessons 105-108

Topics to include: Advanced Factoring; More on Systems of Three Equations; Numbers, Numerals, and Value; Sum and Difference of Two Cubes

Week 14: Review and Final Exam

Materials and Homework

Course Materials:

Saxon Algebra 2, third edition with the test and homeschool pack (www.setonbooks.com/saxon.php) a scientific calculator (TI 30X or the like), graph paper, ruler, protractor, compass, and pencil. Graphing calculators are useful, but not necessary. Instructor will provide a free weekly lecture in addition to the live, interactive classes.

Homework: Students should spend 6-8 hours a week on homework, taking a test once a week. Homework will be submitted to the instructor for grading and credit.

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