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College Calculus, Part One

Master the language of mathematics with our comprehensive calculus course. From derivatives to integrals, the engaging curriculum will empower you to conquer calculus, ensuring a solid foundation for academic success in the future. This course is eligible for (optional) college credit through Franciscan University.

Total classes: 14

Prerequisite: Precalculus or Advanced Mathematics. Students should be competent in using a graphing calculator (TI-84, for example). Getting to Know Your TI-84+ is available as a 4-class recorded course.

Suggested grade level: 11th to 12th grade 

Suggested credit: One full semester Math 


This is an introductory-level College Calculus course on applications of the derivative, and related topics, including limits and continuity, and introducing the definite integral and its properties. We will cover Chapters 1-4 of the textbook over the Fall and Spring semesters.


Week 1: Position, velocity, and acceleration

Week 2: Introduction to limits

Week 3: The derivative of a function

Week 4: More on derivatives

Week 5: Interpreting derivatives

Week 6: The second derivative

Week 7: Limits, Continuity, and Differentiability

Week 8: Tangent lines

Week 9: Basic Derivative Rules

Week 10: Sin and Cosine functions

Week 11: Product and quotient rules

Week 12: Derivatives of other Trig functions

Week 13: The chain rule

Week 14: Derivatives of Inverse Functions

Materials and Homework

Materials: Active Calculus by Matthew Boelkins, ISBN-10 1724458329, available online at https://activecalculus.org/single/frontmatter.html free of charge, or printed at Amazon.

Homework: Expect to spend at least 2 hours on problem-solving weekly based on video lessons and the live class session.

Important Dates

Class dates: Wednesdays, September 4 to December 11, 2024. (No class Nov. 27)

Starting time: 4:00 PM Eastern (3:00 Central, 2:00 Mountain, 1:00 Pacific)

Duration: 55 minutes, plus 2-3 recorded sessions required viewing

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