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The Big Picture: Connecting the Dots in the Bible, the Church and Salvation History

Do you ever feel like our Catholic faith is just a series of meaningless rules and beliefs? In this course you will learn to connect the dots and discover what is behind the rules and their importance.

Total classes: 13

Duration per class: 55 minutes

Suggested Grade Level: 9th to 12th grade

Suggested High School Credit: 1 full semester Literature, Theology, or History


Sometimes our faith seems like a series of disconnected rules or bits and pieces of things we’re told that doesn’t seem to fit together or make a lot of sense. But every part of what we believe as Catholics is not only of one piece, a “seamless garment” theologically, but the vast story of man from the Bible through the years of the Early Church, the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and Modern Times is a vast story written by a vast Storyteller. This class will look at the Big Picture, especially the overall scope of Scripture, as well as at eternal themes that have run through literature and art through the ages. The goal is to make sense of it all and to see God’s great plan which includes both suffering and joy.


Class One: Introduction – Prehistory, Egypt and Early Civilization

Class Two: Moses and the People of God

Class Three: The Prophets

Class Four: The Greeks: Socrates and Plato

Class Five: Socrates and Christ

Class Six: Christ Answers the Mystery – Revelation and Resistance Continues

Class Seven: The Fall of Rome and the Rising of the City of God

Class Eight: The Heresies

Class Nine: Islam

Class Ten: Christendom and Its Culture

Class Eleven: The Reformation and Utopia

Class Twelve: Totalitarianism

Class Thirteen: Review and Conclusion

Materials and Homework

Course Materials:

  • A Bible, any translation

  • Materials provided FREE as PDF files by the instructor

Homework: Lots of in-depth reading and short papers (graded by the instructor). Expect to spend 3 to 4 hours outside of the classroom on homework per week.

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