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An Introduction to The Summa Theologica by St. Thomas Aquinas, Part Two

Learn how to reason and understand Thomistic philosophy in this relatable course that simplifies the complex for your student. Learn how to think intelligently about God and the world He made — and how to exercise reason in its highest form. Get easy-to-understand philosophy — and complete your understanding with Part Two!

Total Classes: 12

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes (75 minutes)

Prerequisite: None

Suggested Grade Level: 9th to 12th grade. However, younger advanced students would be acceptable.

Suggested high school credit: 1 full semester Philosophy or Theology


Every Christian should be grounded in an understanding of solid principles of Christian philosophy, and Dave Palmer believes the younger a person learns them, the better he or she will be equipped to live an authentically Christian life in the midst of our challenging culture.  The Catholic Church’s understanding of philosophy is based on the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas and his classic, The Summa Theologica. This class is presence of God in our everyday experiences.


Class 1- Faith, Hope, and Love

Class 2-  Prudence, Fortitude and Temperance

Class 3- What’s Justice?

Class 4- Was Christ’s Incarnation Necessary?

Class 5-  Jesus Christ: the God-Man

Class 6-  The Blessed Virgin Mary & her Son

Class 7-  The Passion, Death & Resurrection of Christ

Class 8-  The Sacraments of Baptism & Confirmation

Class 9-  The Source & Summit of the Christian Life: The Eucharist

Class 10- Penance, Anointing, the Priesthood & Marriage

Class 11-  What is the Resurrection?

Class 12- The Last Things: Heaven, Hell & Purgatory

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: The Summa by St. Thomas Aquinas, which can be found free online.

Homework: Will consist of taking a weekly quiz and answering short essay questions based on class material each week. Other assignments will involve connecting what is being learned to issues in the news of the day. Estimated two hours spent on reading and assignments outside of the classroom.

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