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Ancient Heresies and Their Modern Counterparts

Sign up for this course and learn about the major heresies of Church History – what they are, how they began, and how they spread. You’ll also learn how the heresies of the Early Church connect with the heresies of today. Most importantly, join us in learning how to counter false teachings and share the Truth of Christ’s Church.

Total Classes: 7

Duration: 55 minutes

Prerequisite: None

Suggested Grade Level: 9th to 12th grade

Suggested Credit: ½ semester Theology. For a full semester add another short course from Mr. Michuta.


Modern mistakes about Christ and His Church are not new. They’ve been around for centuries. In this course, we look at some of the biggest and most devastating heresies in the Early Church and how their modern counterparts fall into the same errors.


Class 1: The Gnostics and the New Age

Class 2: The Arians and the Adventists

Class 3: The Monarchians, Modalists, and One-ness Pentecostalism

Class 4: The Nestorians and Modern Protestants

Class 5: The Iconoclasts and Radical Reformation

Class 6: Pelagianism and Pseudo-Christian Cults

Class 7: Mohammedanism and Mormonism

Materials and Homework
Course Materials: Handbook of Heresies, M. L. Cozens (1999), https://amzn.to/3GfzFpW.
Homework: There will be a short computer-graded quiz for each class to help reinforce important points and to contribute to the final grade for the class.
Reading: Class 1: p. 9-26; Class 2: p. 20-37; Class 3: p. 38- 40; Class 4: p. 41-55; Class 5: 70-82; Class 6: p. 56-59; Class 7: p. 83-89.
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