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Discovering Your Authentic Beauty & Making Life Full and Fun for Middle School Girls

Enjoy this middle school course for young women (grades 7-9), and be strengthened by the Catholic Church’s exciting teachings on beauty, plus the importance of cultivating virtue; maintaining healthy friendships; discerning your vocation; and growing closer to Jesus–as the very best way to grow in authentic beauty.

Total Classes: 6

Duration: 50 minutes

Prerequisite: None

Suggested Grade Level: 7th to 9th grade

Suggested Credit: ½ semester Theology


This is an introduction to the rich teachings of the Catholic Church on beauty and femininity, for girls 7th to 9th grade. In a culture that degrades femininity and causes painful confusion for girls about beauty, aging, and body image, the Catholic understanding of beauty is truly a Godsend. Based on the instructor’s best-selling book, True Radiance: Finding Grace in the Second Half of Life, girls will come to understand their own beauty and worth in the eyes of God, as well as the importance of cultivating virtue, healthy friendships, and an intimate connection with Jesus in their souls.


Class 1: BEAUTY – What beauty looks like for you; what it is to be a young woman of beauty; why beauty is more than skin deep; the beauty of your actions; thinking clearly and confidently; family support

Class 2: FEMININITY – Teen life and femininity; how Catholic ideas about femininity help us to be happy; what femininity means to you; finding your strengths; how your healthy femininity can help change the world!

Class 3: MODESTY – God’s image of us; images of modesty in our favorite media; modesty in the way we look, act, and speak; virtues that make us strong women of faith; ways to make fashion fun and modest

Class 4: FRIENDSHIPS – How to be a great friend; friendships in literature and media; friendships in the Bible and among the saints – and what they can teach us; friendship struggles and how to overcome them

Class 5: MERCY – The role of the Church in my life; prayer and why it’s important to me; forgiving others vs. holding grudges; what we need to know about forgiveness; how prayer changes us and changes others

Class 6: VOCATIONS – What it’s like to be a leader; serving others through prayer and healthy relationships; the best way to think about learning; listening to God; beauty and my own uniqueness; reaching for and respecting our (and others’) hopes and dreams

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Provided FREE by the instructor, includes excerpts from True Radiance: Finding Grace in the Second Half of Life, lives of the saints, documents of the Church, and other relevant resources.

Homework: Weekly readings and assignments. Expect to spend one to two hours per week for homework outside of class time.

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