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Decision Making for Catholic Teens

Choices, choices, choices! How do we make good decisions as a Catholic in today’s world? In this class, we will explore Father Michael Scanlan’s guide “What Does God Want?” as well as the wisdom of the Saints throughout the ages and learn practical skills that can help discern God’s will in both large and small decisions.

Total classes: 6

Prerequisite: None

Suggested grade level: 9th to 12th

Suggested credit: ½ semester Theology


High school-aged teens are faced with the challenge of learning to make good decisions. Developing the tools needed to make independent, Godly decisions is one of the most important skills a teenager can learn, and one that will serve him or her throughout their lifetime. Using Fr. Michael Scanlan’s book “What Does God Want?” as our core text, this course will also draw from the lives and wisdom of the Catholic saints to provide solid principles for making good and Godly decisions. We will examine how to determine if a decision conforms to God’s will, the role of prayer and counsel in decision making, and the reliance on the gifts of the Holy Spirit when making difficult decisions. For every principle learned we will review different scenarios and apply those principles.


Class One: Determining if a decision conforms to God’s will and if it will lead us to greater holiness and deeper conversion.

Class Two: Determining if a decision is consistent with our other responsibilities and if others confirm it.

Class Three: The role of our own heart in decision-making.

Class Four: Handling Challenges in Decision Making

Class Five: The Courage to Make Difficult Decisions

Class Six: Vocations and Life-Long Decisions

Materials and Homework

Course materials: What Does God Want? A Practical Guide to Making Decisions by Fr. Michael Scanlan IBSN: 978-1622826544 (https://amzn.to/2YpLFBw).


  • Watch the video lectures
  • Carefully read the assigned text
  • Complete the quizzes after classes 1-5 – submit these assignments to either your parents or instructor access.
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