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To the Moon: Apollo Missions and the Future

It’s been over 50 years since the first moon landing. Join this course to learn Apollo history and explore future space possibilities within the physics of gravity and motion in space. Join this fabulous integrated science course with high-interest details and get excited about science!

Total Classes: 13

Duration: 45 minutes per class

Prerequisite: None; Pre-algebra math skills will be demonstrated

Suggested Grade Level: 6th to 9th grade

Suggested Credit: Full semester Science, Physical Science, or Modern History


History meets engineering in this course celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landings. We will begin with some basic physics—gravity and motion—and continue through the events and challenges of each Apollo mission, the recent Chinese lunar landing, and ask, “What’s next? Artemis!”


Class 1: Gravity, propulsion, breaking free, and the Moon
Class 2: Apollo 1, a sad story
Class 3: Apollo 7, 1st live TV from Earth Orbit
Class 4: Apollo 8, the “Dark” side and Earthrise
Class 5: Apollo 9, testing the Lunar Module
Class 6: Apollo 10, almost there…
Class 7: Apollo 11, One Small Step
Class 8: Apollo 12, 2EVAs
Class 9: Apollo 13, Oops.
Class 10: Apollo 14, 15, Color TV, materials science, Lunar Rover
Class 11: Apollo 16, 17, Lunar Highlands, more EVAs, Night Launch; Geologist on the Moon
Class 12: Apollo 18, 19, 20, Canceled Missions, and Skylab
Class 13: China goes to the Moon! What about US?

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Selected readings from two books: Apollo to the Moon, ISBN-13: 978-1426219931 (https://amzn.to/3GUT6oh) and Mission Control, This is Apollo, ISBN: 9780670011568 (BookFinder.com)

Homework: Reading, automated quizzes for immediate feedback. Expect to spend approximately one to two hours per class on homework outside of the classroom.

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