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Introduction to Catholicism: Didache Series, Part One

Sign up for this Didache course to join us in examining the core tenets of our Catholic Faith. You will not only learn new concepts, but also be given tools to solidify and organize what you already know. This course will help empower you to live as a faithful witness to our Lord.

Total classes: 12

Duration per class: 55 minutes

Prerequisite: None

Suggested grade level: 9th to 12th grade

Suggested credit: One full semester Theology or Introduction to Catholicism


This course is the first course in a series and examines the tenets of our Faith. It intends not only to teach new concepts, but also to help solidify and organize what students already know, to empower them to live as faithful witnesses to our Lord. There will also be an apologetic element to this class that not only allows students to explore questions that are on their hearts, but teaches them how to respond to common objections about our Catholic beliefs and teachings.


Session 1: Holiness – What it is and our Call to it

Session 2: The Existence of God and Divine Revelation

Session 3: The Blessed Trinity

Session 4: Creation, Man, and Original Sin

Session 5: Jesus Christ Incarnate of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Session 6: The Paschal Mystery 

Session 7: The Holy Spirit

Session 8: The Holy Catholic Church

Session 9: The Resurrection of the Body and Life Everlasting

Session 10: Christian Prayer

Session 11: Overview of the Sacraments

Session 12: Baptism and Confirmation; Final Exam opens

Materials and Homework

Course materials: The Didache Series: Introduction to Catholicism; Rev. James Socias; ISBN: 978-1-936045-61-7. Also try BookFinder.com for used books.

Homework: There will be 25-30 pages of reading each week. Homework will vary between online quizzes and written summaries. There is also a final exam.

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