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The Life and Legacy of St. John Paul II

Who was the most famous and influential pope of the modern Church? St. John Paul the Second! Find out more about St. John Paul II – including his struggle against the Nazis, his role in the fight against communism, the assassination attempt on his life, which he miraculously survived – and more! In learning about JP2, we will learn about the major events in 20th-century history.

Total Classes: 6

Prerequisite: None

Suggested Grade Level: 7th to 8th grade

Suggested Credit: ½ semester History


Karol Wojtyla, who became Pope John Paul II, and is now St. John Paul II, was one of the most pivotal figures in both Church history and world history. In this course we will examine the interplay between his life and his theology, and how both influenced his pontificate. From his early days as an actor in Nazi occupied Poland, to his work as a philosopher and through his remarkable career as pope, in which he helped to bring an end to communism in the Soviet Union, St. John Paul’s story is exciting, thrilling and fun! This will be a compelling glimpse into the man and his times.


Class 1 – Introduction and Overview
Class 2 – Early life – Creative Opposition to the Nazis
Class 3 – Priesthood and Papacy – Worldwide Impact
Class 4 – Philosopher and Pastor – How Love of Christ changes Everything
Class 5 – Accomplishments and Criticisms
Class 6 – Legacy and Review

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: NOTE THAT THESE MATERIALS ARE SUPPLEMENTAL ONLY AND ARE NOT REQUIRED! Everyday Wisdom from St. John Paul II, www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0991596501/catholictreas-20, and St. John Paul the Great by Jason Evert, www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00NAISQZ0/catholictreas-20.

Homework: Completing the assigned reading for each class; regular class quizzes, final exam. Estimated homework time per class module week: 2 hours.

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