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Foreign Language | Spanish
Spanish II, Part One

Continue expanding your foreign language skills with Spanish II – for a second year of Spanish that completes a high school language requirement and gives you usable skills in Spanish.

Total Classes: 12 (plus 12 recorded lectures)

Duration: 55 minutes

Prerequisite: Spanish I or equivalent

Suggested Grade Level: 8th to 12th grade

Suggested High School Credit: One full semester Foreign Language or Spanish


In this Intermediate Level Spanish course, students will delve deeper into Spanish grammar and learn vocabulary terms and grammar structures that help them build fluency.
Part One of the course teaches students how to use direct object pronouns, indirect object pronouns, commands and future tense conjugation of verbs. By the end of the semester, the students will be able to manage simple conversations in present tense and talk about events in the future.


Week 1: Direct Object Pronouns and Personal A

Week 2: Present Progressive and Verbs followed by Infinitives Review

Week 3: IOP and Prepositional Pronouns

Week 4: Double Pronouns

Week 5: Reflexive Verbs

Week 6: Reciprocal Actions

Week 7: Change in States

Week 8: Verb Gustar and Similar Verbs

Week 9: Tu Commands Regular and Irregular Forms

Week 10: Negative Tu Commands

Week 11: Ud. and Uds. Commands

Week 12: General Review

Course Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Exercises will be provided by the teacher

Homework: During the week prior to each class, students are required to watch a video of Spanish grammar and complete an online quiz.  They will also learn a new prayer in Spanish each semester among other assignments posted on Moodle.

During the live class, students will interact with the teacher and each other to practice what they learned in the video and have the opportunity to ask questions.
Students should assign at least one hour every day to practice Spanish.

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