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Foreign Language | Spanish
Spanish III, Part One

Grow confident in Spanish through this college preparatory course. With only 20 students in your class, and additional pre-recorded lectures, your classroom time will be especially engaging and fruitful.

Total classes: 12

Prerequisite: Completion of Spanish II or equivalent

Suggested grade level: 9th to 12th

Suggested credit: One full semester Foreign Language or Spanish


In this advanced level course, students will grow in confidence in the use of their Spanish. Among the grammatical lessons they will learn the use of compound verbs, the conditional and subjunctive tenses, probability, and the passive voice. Students will practice listening skills, reading comprehension and speaking in Spanish. Students will also review previous lessons from Spanish I and II.


Class 1: Review Spanish II

Class 2: Present Perfect

Class 3: Pluperfect

Class 4: Reciprocal Actions

Class 5: Change in States

Class 6: Ud and Uds Commands

Class 7: Present Subjunctive

Class 8: Irregular Subjunctive

Class 9: Impersonal Expressions using Present Subjunctive

Class 10: Understanding Public Signs

Class 11: Verb Haber

Class 12: General Review

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Mrs. Schmitt will provide course materials for FREE. There is nothing to purchase.

Homework: Each week students will be required to watch a tutorial video about the grammar topic and complete some exercise before live class. Other assignments will help them practice and deepen their skills in listening, speaking, and reading in Spanish.

During the live virtual class, students will have the opportunity to practice the weekly topic with their classmates.

Students should assign at least one hour every day to practice their Spanish.

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