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Foreign Language | Spanish
Spanish III, Part One

Grow confident in Spanish through this college preparatory course

Total Classes: 12

Duration: 55

Prerequisite: Completion of Spanish II or equivalent

Suggested Grade Level: 9th to 12th grade

Suggested High School Credit: One full semester Foreign Language or Spanish


In this Advanced Level Spanish Course, students will grow in confidence in the use of their Spanish. Advanced grammar, reading comprehension and speaking practice will be a great part of this course. Students will learn the present, perfect, conditional, passive voice and the use of the subjunctive mood. These new skills, added to the grammar foundation obtained in Spanish I and II, will make them able to express and write sentences that talk about ideas, doubts, desires, probability, etc.


1. Review Past and Imperfect
2. Participle and Present Perfect
3. Present Perfect vs Past Tense
4. Review Pronouns DOP, IOP, Double
5. Review Reflexive Verbs
6. Reciprocal Actions
7. Change in States
8. Review Commands
9. Conditional
10. Se impersonal
11. Some uses of prepositions Por and Para
12. General Review

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: El Principito (The Little Prince) by Antoine De Saint-Exupèry: ISBN 978-9500426404 (https://amzn.to/3BCLJkc). Other course materials provided free by the instructor.

Homework: Students will work in different assignments as a introduction to the grammar topic before of each respective lesson. After learning the topic and practicing it, they will be prepared to participate in the live class every week. In addition, they will read the book El Principito and will find other assignments that help them practice and improve speaking, reading and listening skills in Spanish.

Students should assign at least one hour every day to practice their Spanish.

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