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Unit Study
Grade School Multi-Subject Unit Study, Year One: The Ancient World, Part One

Welcome to our grade school unit-based curriculum! To simplify and streamline home education for families who want an integrated literature-based curriculum, the three Grade School Project-Based Courses incorporate History, Science, Language Arts, Art, and Religion. Your student learns all subjects together, in a unit that coordinates and dovetails learning into one harmonized program.

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This program for 3 rd through 6 th grade students is a Project-Based Unit Study that focuses on the era of Ancient History. The literature-based program is segmented into a three-part complete course of study. The entire program, spanning a four-year sequence, will utilize all four volumes of Phillip Campbell’s History series from TAN Books, The Story of Civilization .


List of Subjects Scheduled for the Four School Days Per Week
* History (30-60 minutes per day)
* Literature Read-Aloud (30-60 minutes per day)
* Greek/Latin Roots (15 min per day)
* Poetry Memorization (15 min. per day)
* Creative Writing (Odd Weeks) (60-90 min. per week)
* Science (Even Weeks) (60-90 min. per week)
* Suggested Solo Reading (time varies per family choice)
* Suggested Project Work (time varies per family choice)

Core Texts

This yearlong course uses seven core texts that cover content across multiple subject areas. Parents can buy new texts from preferred Catholic homeschool vendors or check BookFinder.com for pre-owned texts. The following prices are approximate, to help you with planning:

1. The Story of Civilization (TSoC), Volume 1 : The Ancient World by Phillip Campbell, (ISBN-10: 1505105668; ISBN-13: 978-1505105667) (*New $20; pre-owned $12) (Used All Year) Note: Complementary TSoC Student and Teacher texts and Audio/Video products are optional. Depending upon your budget, we recommend adding as many of the supplementary texts as you are able to from the series as tools for further engagement.

2. Archimedes and the Door of Science, by Jeanne Bendick. (ISBN-10: 9781883937126; ISBN-13: 978-1883937126) (*New $13; pre-owned $5) (Used Fall 2019)

3. D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths , by Ingri and Edgar d’Aulaire (ISBN- 10: 9780440406945; ISBN-13: 978-0440406945 (*New $14; pre-owned $5) (Used All Year)

4. Around the Year Once Upon a Time Saints , by Ethel Pochocki (ISBN- 10: 1932350268; ISBN-13: 978-1932350265) (*New $15; pre-owned $14) (Used All Year)

5. Detectives in Togas , by Henry Winterfeld, (ISBN-10: 0152162801; ISBN-13: 978-0152162801) (Fall 2019) (*New $7; pre-owned $3.50) (Used Fall 2019)

6. St. Paul the Apostle , by Mary Fabyan Windeatt (ISBN: 9780895554260) (*New $16; Pre-owned $8.50 BF) (Used Spring 2020)

7. Galen and the Gateway to Medicine , by Jeanne Bendick (ISBN: 9781883937751; ISBN-10: 1883937752) (*New $15; pre-owned $9.50) (Used Spring 2020)

8. English from the Roots Up (Book*), by Joegil K. Lundquist (ISBN: 0-9643210-3-3) (New $30; pre-owned $5) *English from the Roots Up Cards will also work in place of the book, but the book has valuable introductory information for parent use.


What role does the parent play?

In this unit study program, the parent’s role is to…
1. Schedule and implement the course material for your student into the daily school life in the home.
2. Schedule read-aloud time.
3. Grade some of the materials/work (approximately 30-60 minutes per week, depending on family choice
of enrichment activities).
4. Attend one live class session with your student(s) each week.

What is included in the course?

Enrolled families will receive…
1. A weekly checklist of activities and assignments
2. A suggested daily schedule for the four-day school week
3. Two to three short instructional videos to enrich the study of history, science, creative writing, art, and literature
4. A list of optional supplementary books for solo reading for multiple grade levels
5. Weekly assignment in Moodle for your student(s) (auto-graded quiz or submission portal)
6. A timeline template that matches the course material, to fill in together throughout the year

What is included with teacher grading?

Enrolled students will have one (1) graded assignment each week. The assignment type will alternate between auto-graded quizzes, Language Arts assignments, and other project-related assignments.

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